Overview of my completed armies

This blog post shows all armies that I built over the past years. As this is nowhere completed, expect this blog post to be updated from time to time. It seems I’m severely lacking in pictures of the majority of my armies. Some armies might even get a page of their own.

As for my armies, I’ve got two ongoing “main” armies. Furthermore there are several projects which I have finished. (I might restart them at anytime, though, but for now they are done). (update 20 july 2019: added the undead army page)

See below for an overview:

Ongoing: The army of Topaz

My main-main army is the Yellow-black liveried army of Topaz. As I realise now, there’s no picture of the army as a whole (which will be rectified somewhere during the upcoming months), there’ll be some pictures here:

Here’s part of the infantry:

The cavalry part of this army also features as my Brotherhood army:

And there’s many models which have not been photographed for years.

As this is my main army, It’s been built over the years. (I started it during Warhammer 5th edition, early 2001 or 2002). Ever since 2015 the army has slowly been expanded and converted to KoW, but even now there’s still quite a few single-based models.

My interest with this army waxes and wanes, mainly since I can get better effects on the battlefield from my undead army. As this army has my heart in the hobby department, I even wrote some fluff for it.

Ongoing – My undead army

Edit: Recently I added a page for my undead army. It can be found here:

If my main human army is used mainly as a hobby project, my undead are my main gaming army. Recently, I did a photo shoot for my complete army. Some recent additions are: an undead dragon and my recent army of darkeness skeleton horde.

All-in, I think my undead are probably my largest army in terms of points (over 8,000 in total without upgrades/magical items), while my humans (see above) are probably the largest in terms of models.

The army features as both undead and empire of dust, depending on my whims.

Finished: the army of Eybost

My 2nd human army is officially finished. It once started as an ebay purchase, but I multibased it into a KoW worthy 1,800 point army.

All information can be found here:

Finished: Swamp things

My 2017 swamp things (Rules for Abyssals) army had to be rebuilt using Clash’19 rules. Fortunately, my model collection is large enough to do so. Here’s the information:

That said, this I have a particular love for this army as this is the first time I started to build an army from scratch and finished it within 6 months. I also love the basing theme, which depicts a ruinted temple.

Original blog post and pictures are here:

Finished: Goblin detachment

The goblin army started out as a small detachment to my undead armies. Now it’s nearing the 1,000 point border (which is a lot, being goblins) so I made an army page. There’s plenty of pictures there!

Finished: Dwarven detachment

At the start of Kings of War 2nd edition, I built a “dwarven” detachment consisting of:

  • horde of earth elementals
  • Iron beast (steam tank)
  • Banner bearer

totalling exactly 500 points. The reason I built this detachment is because I wanted to use the Steam tank and uncharted empires hadn’t been released yet.

I even used it a few times. The elementals/banner have been painted as a subsidary of Topaz.

Of course, this detachment is so much forgotten that I never even took pictures. EDIT: Finally got around of taking the picture. Here’s them:

Finished: horde of shock troops.

This horde of shock troops is no longer mine. It was a gift to my brother. The pictures are still here, though.

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