Overview: my undead army

As I recently started to collect pictures of my armies, I realized that I didn't have that many pictures of my undead army, except for the few units I painted up last year. The reason is that my undead army is a "gamer's" army. It's not as much an army as much as a collection. … Continue reading Overview: my undead army


Overview of my completed armies

This blog post shows all armies that I built over the past years. As this is nowhere completed, expect this blog post to be updated from time to time. It seems I'm severely lacking in pictures of the majority of my armies. Some armies might even get a page of their own. As for my … Continue reading Overview of my completed armies

Monster March # Sorry, no Monster March this week

I haven't had any hobby time this week. Last weekend; the whole family got a bad case of the stomach flue, so the two days were spent cleaning body fluids from toilet seats, bed sheets, diapers and other stuff.... So no Monster March progress this week.... Sorry. Well, maybe just a bit........ Last sunday I … Continue reading Monster March # Sorry, no Monster March this week