Various hobby updates

I have been lax in posting a few weeks, but this is mainly due to a busy schedule at work and in private life. There's been some hobby progress, so I thought it prudent to post it here: Recently I started out with two projects: another regiment of greatwords/basilean foot guard. a regiment of soul … Continue reading Various hobby updates

Hobby update -quarantaine (4)

It's been a while. During this lockdown stuff, people get a lot of hobby stuff done. Me- I don't. Between job, home stuff and kids, there's precious little time left and I don't have the energy to start a new project at the moment. That said, I finished my soul reaver infantry and am pretty … Continue reading Hobby update -quarantaine (4)

Hobby update – Quarantaine

As posted before, I do not have much more time than usual during qurantaine. My two beautiful daughters make sure of that..... It matters not, even a little hobby time is appreciated! Remember the single guy who features in my #monster March phoenix fotoshoot? He's a basilean paladin or empire greatsword (depending on game universe) … Continue reading Hobby update – Quarantaine

Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed

As 3rd edition has landed; it's conversion time! Not converting units (maybe these too) but firstly converting whole armies. In this blog post I'll convert one of my favourite undead armies to 3rd edition. Process First I'll post one of my favourite Clash'19 2nd ed. undead armies. Then I'll update this army to 3rd edition … Continue reading Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed

Kings of War 3rd edition Undead review (2)

Yesterday I posted the first part of my Undead 3rd edition review. Today part (2) of this review. I'll continue where I stopped there, reviewing cavalry, large infantry and the undead sole war machine and monster today. I'll need another post at another date to review the characters. Keep posted! Cavalry - soul reaver cav … Continue reading Kings of War 3rd edition Undead review (2)

Kings of War 3rd edition Undead review (1)

Kings of War 3rd edition has officially landed and since I received the book yesterday, I can start reviewing my armies. The first to be reviewed is Undead: Disclaimer For obvious reasons, I'll not post exact statistics and point costs on this blog. In a few months, they will be available on easyarmy, until that … Continue reading Kings of War 3rd edition Undead review (1)