Undead tournament list analysis

I played a tournament fairly recently and I haven't posted my tournament list yet. This is partially because my new job gives me less time to update this blog and partially because it's summer and during summer my KoW time wanes in favour of other activities. That said, I enjoyed this list and therefore I … Continue reading Undead tournament list analysis

Soul reaver cavalry vs infantry

It's a strange thing. These two units are very similar, yet the difference in game is huge. Both are vampires, but one is seen as one of the best units in KoW 3rd edition and the other is so bad it was buffed in clash '22. This blog post looks into both units. A stat … Continue reading Soul reaver cavalry vs infantry

Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

Recently, I posted work-in-progress shots of my new soul reaver infantry regiment alongside my Goreblight model. This unit has been finished, finally. I'm pretty happy how they turned out, especially because I used a slightly different colour scheme (less vibrant) than my other SRI infantry regiment. (here for -> comparison) I do like both, because … Continue reading Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire