Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

Recently, I posted work-in-progress shots of my new soul reaver infantry regiment alongside my Goreblight model. This unit has been finished, finally. I'm pretty happy how they turned out, especially because I used a slightly different colour scheme (less vibrant) than my other SRI infantry regiment. (here for -> comparison) I do like both, because … Continue reading Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

The battle that was not needed

This is part 1 of a battle report worth 1,500 points in our Halpi's rift campaign. Part 2 will follow soonish. Was this battle an inevitability? In Jarvis' eyes, it was definately not. The battle was unnecesary and wastefull, for were his goals and the goals of the Northern Alliance thane not similar? One did … Continue reading The battle that was not needed