Army page – Goblins

As my goblin army has progressed from a detachment of 375 points (under 2nd edition) to the current army of almost 1,000 points, I decided to make an army page for it. Here's how it all started: Only 375 points under 2nd edition consisting of a horde of spitters, a mincer, one mounted biggit and … Continue reading Army page – Goblins

Hobby update – Horde of sharpsticks

Today little tekst, just some pictures of my most recent hobby exploits! I finally finished my 2nd regiment of sharpsticks! Here's the guys. In the background is the orignal regiment, they combine into a horde, as pictured below. I'm really happy this one is finished. In order to finish the 1,000 point army I just … Continue reading Hobby update – Horde of sharpsticks

Quick hobby update – goblin biggit.

Just a quick hobby update: I’ve mentioned before that the goblin army box I got as a gift wasn’t high quality as it’s very early mantic stuff. (probably the start-of-company goblin box, somewhere in 2013 or 2014). ( while this remains true for the goblin spitters and sharpsticks (same base model) it is most definately … Continue reading Quick hobby update – goblin biggit.