Hobby update – september 20

A busy personal life (moving homes and a young family does that) does not bode well for hobby time. That said, I managed to sneak in some painting time. Remember these pinky sigmarites? Well, I've found some time to actually paint them. Of course, they are converted like my other stormcast basileans as I do … Continue reading Hobby update – september 20

Summer hobby update

The summer hiatus has ended, but I haven't done so much hobbying. Just finishing up a few small projects, such as this 3rd troop of panthers/mastiffs. As I do like the models, I might buy a few more. They are also decent additions to other units as they add quite a lot of character for … Continue reading Summer hobby update

Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial

Though the lockdown isn't as productive for me as it's for several others, there's some stuff finished. Recently I posted the individual models finished for this regiment, but here's the regiment in its completed form. The first half (as shown above) is just a two-tiered septs with seven models on it. nothing special. The back … Continue reading Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial

Hobby update – Quarantaine

As posted before, I do not have much more time than usual during qurantaine. My two beautiful daughters make sure of that..... It matters not, even a little hobby time is appreciated! Remember the single guy who features in my #monster March phoenix fotoshoot? He's a basilean paladin or empire greatsword (depending on game universe) … Continue reading Hobby update – Quarantaine