Review: Clash of Kings 2022

So, I went to Clash of Kings 2022. I had a blast, playing many different opponents (of four nationalities, no less) and the athmosphere was great! Look below at the view from our balcony, the huge hall was filled to the brim with gamers! The clash of Kings / Mantic Venue was on the side … Continue reading Review: Clash of Kings 2022

A reaction to Counter Charge 559

Counter Charge ("a podcast to all things Kings of War") is a stapple in my podcast rotation. It's one that I frequently listen while painting, almost like it's been made especially for this! In particular, I like their army reviews. Rob Phaneuf (the show's host) posted show 559 that will spark some discussion, for instance … Continue reading A reaction to Counter Charge 559

Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis

Introduction: Recently, I played a Halpi's rift tournament in Deurne - the Netherlands. It was a nice and friendly afair. Lots of great people and over the course of my four games no rules discussions and only friendly and gentle behaviour. A pleasant surprise after my last tournament experience, WHFB more than 15 years ago. … Continue reading Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis