Hobby update: Half Gelt

Yes, it's a pun. A bad one even* This fall I've painted two flying beasties already. The first was Tempest (featured last week), the 2nd is the model in the header. It's a headswapped Balthasar Gelt model. This post describes the hobby process how I built him. first things first, why I love this model. … Continue reading Hobby update: Half Gelt

Hobby Update – Tempest

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that the Reaper Bones Tempest model has been on my painting desk for quite some time. While I ordered the model somewhere in 2019, he joined my painting queue in March 2020. I do love the model. It's a great dynamic pose, but apparently, I found it … Continue reading Hobby Update – Tempest

Exploring a return to the Brotherhood – start of a journey

the original 2nd edition KoW Brotherhood army The Brotherhood army was a favourite of mine during Kings of War 2nd edition. Since the start of 3rd, I haven't left my Basilean army, so the Brotherhood army was ignored. The reason for that is -frankly- that the first glance of the army in the Uncharted Empires … Continue reading Exploring a return to the Brotherhood – start of a journey

Hobby update – christmas holidays

The christmas holidays have been productive from a hobby perspective. There's something end-of-yearish that encourages hobby time. Maybe it's the long, dark, nights, but spending the night underneath a daylight painting lamp is oddly pleasant. First of all, I rebased a horde of foot guard. I wanted to show the unit marching over a roman-type … Continue reading Hobby update – christmas holidays