Shoutout to André, welcome to a new blog!

Shoutout to André for setting up his new blog! Welcome and grats! André is a friend of mine who started Kings of War just before the recent lockdown (talk about unpleasant timing). We played a few battles before a curfew was added to the lockdown and evening battles were -sadly- a thing of the past. … Continue reading Shoutout to André, welcome to a new blog!

MonsterMarch – participants and info

This is the webshop image of the dragon I'm painted..... Striving to make it as good as this one. 🙂 As MonsterMarch is a thing; I thought it prudent to list the blogs of all participants. This, however, would be a redundant thing, as Swordmaster already did so. You can find all participants and their … Continue reading MonsterMarch – participants and info