Review: Clash of Kings 2022

So, I went to Clash of Kings 2022. I had a blast, playing many different opponents (of four nationalities, no less) and the athmosphere was great! Look below at the view from our balcony, the huge hall was filled to the brim with gamers! The clash of Kings / Mantic Venue was on the side … Continue reading Review: Clash of Kings 2022

Undead tournament list analysis

I played a tournament fairly recently and I haven't posted my tournament list yet. This is partially because my new job gives me less time to update this blog and partially because it's summer and during summer my KoW time wanes in favour of other activities. That said, I enjoyed this list and therefore I … Continue reading Undead tournament list analysis

My tournament list and why I stopped playing it

Recently, I participated in a tournament. I loved the people, the ambiance and the games I played. The sight of fully painted armies on the tabletop is always great and the people were great sports! Thanks for the organisers for hosting this! here's my army facing off against my first opponent, E. Fielding a nicely … Continue reading My tournament list and why I stopped playing it