Post CoK-19, reconstucting a broken army

I have received my Clash of Kings ’19 book in the mail today! Pretty happy with the contents, but my abyssal army needs some serious rethought to be even somewhat effective as its MVP’s have been hit with the nerf bat. This blog post describes my thought proces…..

the original abyssal army

In 2017, I painted up an abyssal army of 1,500 points. It’s story elsewhere on this blog: As it shows there, I was really happy with it.

Clash of Kings ’18

In the previous Clash of Kings iteration, the army suffered somewhat. Not only were my fireballs nerfed (now hitting on fives in cover/stealth), but also my tortured souls and gargoyles were nerfed.

The army, as a whole, still functioned as it should. Hidden behind the wall of regenerating nerve that are the lower abyssals, two piercing fireball monsters did their damage and the tortured souls were there as a counter-punch unit. The CS (1) lower abyssals could be upgraded with the harbringer’s bane chant and the horde had of course CS (2) from themselves. I’ve sprung a nasty surprise on a horde of bullwarkers with a banechanted CS (2) horde one time. The gargoyles were there to hold up units that were threatening my battle line and could not be dealt with that turn.

The army had its weaknesses, but was pretty solid on the battlefield.

Come CoK ’19….. shyte happens

I’m pretty content with the CoK’19 book (aside from destroying my fledgeling goblin contignent, but my abyssal army as it is, is pretty useless now.

This army has been hit bad with the nerf bat, and I mean, really bad. So bad, that it had to be rethought completely. As the army functioned mainly on the efreet-chroneas tandem, the nerf of the former and the rebuilding of the latter does the army a whole world of bad.

Well, enough of the bad stuff. There’s also some good stuff in the CoK ’19 book for abyssals: The Abyssal despoilers large cavalry. 255 points is expensive, but 18 CS(2), TC (1) attacks? yes, please! As it happens, I painted these guys a few years ago, they do nicely!

Also, the Edge of the Abyss special character (with the highly improbable name of Mau’ti-bu-su) is a real improvement over the abyssal champion. My abyssal champion uses her model; so why not switch over to the real thing?

Finally, I still own a unit of hex wraiths from that other game. on occasion they fill a role of soul reavers in my undead army, but why not join the abyssals as abyssal horsemen?

The addition of two hard-hitting cavalry units instead of the tortured souls and the -now useless- chroneas will change the army remarkably. Mau-mau has ensnare so can disrupt not only fliers, but also nimble flankers, so I’m not too discontent about not being mobile enough.

Anyhow, without further adoo:

Swamp things 1,500 points under Clash ’19 rules

for the sake of completeness, the 2017 and 2018 lists

Swamp things under 2017 rules
Swamp things under Clash ’18 rules

4 thoughts on “Post CoK-19, reconstucting a broken army

  1. Consolations on having to rethink the army, though personally I feel like it’s gotten more interesting with each turn of the COK, as you’ve rotated out meta choices for other stuff. I don’t have a strong feeling for what Abyssal players feel about COK19 at this point, but I know initial outrage at Efreet nerf and Chroneas rebuild were starting to fade in the face of how much the army gained. Despoilers are sweet models and beefy hammers, yet for me Abyssal Warlocks are where it’s at, so useful and so cheap. That and I really dig the rebuilt Chroneas, much cooler and less rules-torquing now.

    One thing on your list, I’d scrape all those 5 point items together into a real 15 pointer for most likely the Despoilers. I like Brew of Courage on regen things, especially things with big targets on them.


    1. Thanks for the reply!

      I feel I have to agree with you that the army is more interesting than it was before, though I’m not sure if it works out well. We’ll see. First game in will be in about two weeks, though I might take another army to that game as it’s a friendly game which is more suited to a more casual game build.


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