1,500 points of Abyssals – a 2017 project

In 2017 I painted up a fresh army, Abyssals-in-a-ruined temple. Above and below the results:

First goal will be 1,500 points.

As my other armies (humans of all kinds and both kinds of undead) don’t have the mobility/battlefield control that abyssals can get, I’m focussing my army on swift flyers plus BW support. That said, no army can feature without some decent anvil, so after reading Daedle ‘s post (http://daedle.kingsofwarresource.com…author/daedle/) I decided to shamelessly copy his infantry backbone of 3 units of lower abyssals + one harbringer.

without further explanation: 1500 points:
Lower abyssal horde / 2 handed weapons / brew of strength
lower abyssal regiment / 2 handed weapons
lower abyssal regiment / 2 handed weapons

troop gargoyles
troop gargoyles

horde tortured souls / blood of the old king (Edit: as Clash ’18, this item has been replaced.)

Abyssal champion / fly / blade of slashing
Abyssal harbringer / lute of bane chant (Edit: as Clash ’18, this item has been made more expensive)
Efreet / heart seeking chant

As of Clash ’18 a few of the items have been amended / dropped; so there’s some room in magical items and / or upgrades.

These army lists are of course just ideas. It’s in building the actual army where it comes to life!

Theme of the army is “swamp things” instead of the crimson beasts that I don’t like particularly well. Also, there’s few actual abyssal models in there as I shamelessly plundered my undead collection for the models. I’m really happy with how things worked out.

Full picture of photo above: https://ibb.co/mGYFf7
Lower abyssals:
I really love my lower abyssal multibases.The lower Abyssals are a combination of GW and Mantic ghouls painted in just three colours + one ink. The simplicity of the colour scheme combined with the elaborate multibase just makes perfect.
I made them inhabit a ruined temple. The main horde (as shown below) can be split up into four troops. One of the two regiments can also be split up into two troops as well. All four regiments (or 2 hordes) can be combined into a single diorama where the ruined temple is backed by the remains of its tower.
More pictures here:
The painting scheme is pretty simple: Dead flesh (skin) and dark green (Clothing). Purple ink over the skin parts. Drybrush whole model with even more dead flesh.  Aside from weapons/ accessoiries, all done! Really love the result!
(full picture at: https://ibb.co/ctRCSn)
That’s right, I’m using the displacer beast as Chroneas. Time travellers for the win As for the painting, I love the base better than the model itself; but it suits the theme!

(full picture https://ibb.co/cBG7tS)
3 characters: Banner, Efreet and winged abyssal champion. Love the painting on the winged champion (actually a Edge of the Abyss special character); otherwise they are okay-ish.
The Efreet is an old Mordheim conversion of a beastman and succubus who back then as a posessed hero single-handed won the campaign for me. Maybe that’s why I forgot the base on this one….. He was not painted for this project.
Tortured Souls:
Full picture: https://ibb.co/eutWL7
The tortured souls are a bit of an odd one.  I painted up a 3-soul multibase of shackled-flying souls from Mantic Zombies when the Clash ’18 rules upped their MMC to 9-ish. That’s why I painted up a few more zombies to build a new multibase from, but somehow I never felt the vibe to do so.
Need to rebase that one, though. (edit dec’ 18: still not done. Not on the prio list either)
(full picture) https://ibb.co/dcVBL7
I used the the old  GW Vampire Bats models for these, and I’m really glad how things turned out. Sadly, I couldn’t fit more than 3 on a base, so it’ll have to be this way.
I’m really glad how it turned out, especially as I’m not really much of a painter. I do like to build dioramas and this army has been the first time I set out to build one from the beginning.

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