Welcome to my blog!

update fall 2019

Summer’s come and gone; it’s the time of rain and autumn storms again. That time is usually the time I start painting new projects.

Thing is, with KoW3 on the horizon, I’m hesistant to start anything new, so I’ve been dabbling a little on my gobz. Other than that, both WoW classic and Gloomhaven are a thing…..

Original word of welcome

Welcome to my blog! It’s where I keep progress of my Kings of War stuff. This blog will cover my hobby adventures (and gaming adventures) in Kings of War. Sometimes there’s other systems and stuff, mainly hobby related.

As for my armies, my first love is my yellow-black human army (as seen above) which has grown to over 5,000 points Kings of War.

My other armies can be found elsewhere on this blog; recently i composed an overview for your convenience. (and my bragging rights of course)

And sometimes this blog is just random ramblings….. Enjoy!


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