Restarting Goblins and other hobby projects

The past weeks consisted of a number of hobby projects, all of which still need basing. That said, there's a lot of progress. Allow me to present: Continuing from a few weeks ago I finished the 3 trolls. Combined with the trolls I painted looooong ago, they form a full horde, which is a goal … Continue reading Restarting Goblins and other hobby projects

Hobby backlog and too many new models……

Last week I finished up a few models. Here's the zombie regiment that's been partially shown before. I love the submerged zombies in the swamp, a walking-dead feel! Speaking of undead, Lucienne (Jarvis' second, a lich queen) got a new model. The baseline is a kingdoms of Mercia Queen of the lake, printed without the … Continue reading Hobby backlog and too many new models……

Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis

Introduction: Recently, I played a Halpi's rift tournament in Deurne - the Netherlands. It was a nice and friendly afair. Lots of great people and over the course of my four games no rules discussions and only friendly and gentle behaviour. A pleasant surprise after my last tournament experience, WHFB more than 15 years ago. … Continue reading Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis

Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

Recently, I posted work-in-progress shots of my new soul reaver infantry regiment alongside my Goreblight model. This unit has been finished, finally. I'm pretty happy how they turned out, especially because I used a slightly different colour scheme (less vibrant) than my other SRI infantry regiment. (here for -> comparison) I do like both, because … Continue reading Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire