Overview: my undead army

2021 update:

The original blog post originates from 2019 when I made the first pictures. Since 2019 the army has been expanded a bit, so I added the new additions near the end of the post.

Furthermore, the rules reference of the blog post refers to the 2nd edition of the rules. Some of this may not be valid anymore in the 3rd edition.

Original blog post from 2019:

As I recently started to collect pictures of my armies, I realized that I didn’t have that many pictures of my undead army, except for the few units I painted up last year.

The reason is that my undead army is a “gamer’s” army. It’s not as much an army as much as a collection. Part of it has been bought online already painted; other parts are still on their warhammer bases. All-in; parts of the army are not as good looking as my other projects, while other parts are pretty neat. The end result, though, is an army that looks pretty epic as a whole, but there are some parts that could look better.

This is the overview. It’s almost a full table, as seen above. I calculated the point costs of this army as almost 10,000 points, see below for calculations.

Undead/Empire of dust

The army is a combination of empire of dust (leftmost side) and undead and of course some units that both share. There’s also some units that I share between armies. The scorpions, for instance, also appear as forsaken beasts in my Brotherhood army, while the ghouls also feature as lower abyssals in my Swamp things army.

When using the army as empire of dust, I use all models as-is, except for the vampires, who use pharaoh stats. Of course, some models cannot be used in Empire of dust, but that’s the choice one makes when combining two armies in one.


Here’s a number of closeups from the army:

This picture starts at the left side (empire of dust’s side), there’s the revenant chariot regiment and 3 troops of skeleton horsemen. These were part of an online auction, which is the main reason the colours (black/red) differ from the rest of the army. I might paint these over one time.

Directly behind is the balefire catapult. I never use it, therefore it’s still on its old (=wrong) base. Even the colour’s still goblin green, something that I haven’t used since 2015. Also the enslaved guardian archers, among the first few Mantic models I bought when they were an-vogue. They see battle from time to time, though.

In the background fly the 2 regiments of scavengers I picked up in an auction sometime.

Here’s the scorpion husks. More pictures here. Also, the flesh golem (rules for undead giant) which I converted from some kind of 40 cultist abomination.

In front of the Empire of Dust part is my old black coach, which now serves as pharaoh on royal chariot. Furthermore there are few banners (have to many of these) and a very blurry picture of a revenant king on foot.

Regular undead

While the leftmost wing consists of empire of dust models, the rest of the army is regular undead. In the overview picture, this consists mainly of the leftmost three quarters.

Here’s my two regiments of revenants. The front regiment are my old GW grave guard (still mounted on their individual bases) with great weapons while the back regiment is mantic’s revenants using sword n board. Behind them is my regiment of mummies, Reaper bones models. Next to those is my flying detachment, more pictures of these later.

The flying detachment of the undead army has three revenant kings on undead flying wyrms (in front). They are reaper bones dragon whelps mounted by high elf dragon prince models. Then there’s one vampire lord on dragon. Finally, there’s my terrorgheist mounted on a 75mm base to be used as either apaphys or vampire lord on ancient dragon. here’s another picture of the model:

Here’s five old GW black knights. I sometimes use them as a troop of revenant cavalry, but most often as individual mounted revenant kings. That’s why I keep them single-based, as quite a few of my armies feature at least one mounted revenant king as its inspiring/surge combination.

These are the armies’ characters in front. Quite a few vampires, some mounted some on foot. There’s also a pair of necromancers and Mantica’s very own Morgoth. One oldhammer Banshee doesn’t have place yet, as I don’t play Nightstalkers. If I really need it, she might become a lich queen. Finally, there’s the old GW wight lord as revenant king.

The vampire with with wings features quite often as hero with wings of honeymaze. In empire of Dust, he’s become my favourite pharaoh with wings.

One of the few units I realy like to use are zombie trolls. I own three hordes, each with distinct different models. The trolls were built throughout the last ten years of gaming. Far left are the zombie trolls which have been converted from rat ogre bodies with tyranid parts. In the middle are my Warcraft-style abominations built from Ghoul models. Finally, on the far right are Mantic’s own zombie trolls with two unit placeholders and a very old converted undead ogre.

What’s not tot love about 18 CS(2) attacks @ 175 points? Granted, they are only 4+ melee and not that resillient; but surge options for 36 attacks in a flank is great! All-in they are one of my favourite units.

Far in the back are my soul reaver cavalry. They are hex wraiths built from elven steeds mounted by quite a mixture of riders. There’s some oldhammer mounted wraith models, some converted high elf cavalry with skulls and also a few “true” hex wraith models.

I still need to multibase them. Since they double as abyssal horsemen these days, they got some more priority. As there’s 10, I only need to find a few more bits to build 2 regiments out of these guys.

Two hordes of skeletons. The rearmost has been bought online as part of a collection (I painted up a few more models) and multibased. They can be split up in two troops. The front horde is more recent, I wrote all about it elsewhere on this blog. They (together with a necromancer) make up the Army of Darkness formation.

These are Jarvis’s barrow Wights. They are a mix’n’match of models. In the back, there are three vargheist models. In the front (other than two unit fillers) there’s a heavily converted old GW minotaur with wings. The parts that make up this model are part GW, part Mantic, part Reaper and some bits I found in my bits box from who-kn0ws-where. He might also fill a role as daemon-prince in my swamp things army, unfortunately the base’s too small for that.

If Barrow wights are a thing in Kow3, I might keep them, otherwise they will fill a role in another army I’d guess. If all fails, they can also become allied Elohi in a Jarvis themed undead army. (I own a Jarvis model, but he’s still in blister, though)

I do own skeleton archers. Granted, it;s only a troop with MMC, but it’s still there.

From an ebay auction, I got a bunch of spirit hosts. Combined with some characters that didn’t use anymore, these made decent wraith units.

There’s four troops of them, enough for a merry halloween.

This is one very bad picture of my two ghoul hordes. Fortunately, they were intended as the swamp thing’s infantry core and I photographed them there.

As they are ghoul models to begin with, I also use them as ghouls.

How many zombies is too many zombies? My two legions can be split up into three hordes or six regiments. I haven’t used them all in one battle yet, as they compete with other hammers. Still, I like the way they look, especially the corpse cart in the rearmost legion.

This is they guy somewhat more close

I’ll conclude with the horde of werewolves built from GW’s direwolves. Since I had one left over, there’s a lycanis too.

2021: New additions

As promised in the header of this post: a few pictures of new additions since I made the original blog post. I’ll just post the pictures here, if you want to find out more about the models, just select the “hobby update” and “undead” tags on the right and you can find all hobby projects of the last few years.

From left to right: Soul reaver infantry regiment #2, Goreblight, legions of Nagash warband for WarCry, Jarvis, Soul Reaver infantry regiment #1.

Back to the original 2019 post:

black sheep – dishonorable mention

I found these too. A regiment and troop of wraiths build using cotton wool and a single wraith model. Great idea, terrible on the table. Ever since I bought my own wraiths, these have been hidden back in the closet. I gonna disassemble them soon, so I can reuse the bases.

Point cost

empire of dust: 1,530; undead 7,540. (Edit: I forgot a vampire lord on undead dragon.There’s 2, one on a 50*50 base and one on a 75*75) Together 9,070 without any upgrades or magical items not mentioned above. This means that the army can total easily 10,000 points.

source: easyarmy
oops, zombie trolls pictured twice. They are only counted once, though.

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