Between hobby projects – waiting for Kow 3rd edition

While waiting for 3rd edition; is not the best time to start a new hobby project. I, most likely, will be inspired to either start a new project or expand on my current armies as soon as KoW3 lands, so I’ll avoid starting something completely new until the book lands.

That said, there’s still some time left before that. I decided to start a small project that can be shelved at anytime.

Early 2018 (before this blog was a thing), I built a Goblin detachment: as I still have about half the army box laying around, I figured I could build another regiment of the little buggers.

So I started putting 15-ish of these guys together. I even got plans to build a goblin balista too. This would increase my goblin detachment to 495 points:

source: Easyarmy

Of course; I’d need to field my spitters as rabble; but this is the case ever since they were nerfed to irregular.

This is quite a lot of nerve; Unit strength and drops for 500 points!

That said, this project is just a project between editions. If something else takes my fancy (even something outside of KoW) I might drop it immediately.

Other projects

Of course, there’s still this knight dude (order of redemption test model) which needs to be expanded to a full regiment. I might do this one time, but the project has been shelved the time being as I‘m sick and tired of painting more knights.

I love playing them, however.

Then there’s the ambition to rebase my already painted terrorgheist model on a 75mm square base so I can field it as Apaphys. He wouldn’t fit the 50mm square base anyhow.

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