Building on a budget – Brotherhood

Mantica needs stalwart men who face off against the evil that stalks the land. The brotherhood needs reinforcements, and you'll be the one to lead them! First things first As with all "building on a budget" posts, this lists focusses on getting a battlefield worthy force on a limited budget. For this brotherhood army I'll … Continue reading Building on a budget – Brotherhood


Overview of my completed armies

This blog post shows all armies that I built over the past years. As this is nowhere completed, expect this blog post to be updated from time to time. It seems I'm severely lacking in pictures of the majority of my armies. Some armies might even get a page of their own. As for my … Continue reading Overview of my completed armies

Improving the Kingdoms of Men Army – here is the cavalry

When I started reviewing the Kingdoms of Men army list, this was mainly because of my frustration with shooters and war machines.  After this, I posted some ideas for characters and infantry. Not to leave a process near the the end, this post describes the final part of the Kingdoms of Men army, cavalry and … Continue reading Improving the Kingdoms of Men Army – here is the cavalry