Monster March #4 – finished

Once again, I managed to achieve my Monster March goal! It's the 4th in a row! I am rather proud of the final result. The knights trot over a bridge, ready to charge the enemy! This blog post shows the final activities and shows the horde in many pictures. First of all, I covered the … Continue reading Monster March #4 – finished

MonsterMarch # 3 building the base

Last week I finished painting all those knights, so this week I started building the actual multibase. The general idea is to build a bridge over a river which the knights are crossing. In that way, I can also justify using them as redemption knights in Order of the Green lady, hence the water theme! … Continue reading MonsterMarch # 3 building the base

mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!

Yearly, Swordmaster hosts a painting challenge, called #MonsterMarch. The idea is to paint a monster (or anything monstrous) in the space of a month. I've been part of MonsterMarch 3 and MonsterMarch 4 doing a dragon and a phoenix respectively. Once again, thanks for hosting this one, mate! This year, the MonsterMarch challenge coincides with … Continue reading mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!