MonsterMarch 2023 finished!

I finished not only one, but TWO goblin blasters this month of Monster March! That's another run of #MonsterMarch completed! (Four in a row now! YaY) Last week, the first goblins blaster was close to being finished. After some assembly, this made the leftmost model. The 2nd blaster, however, was just in its early stages. … Continue reading MonsterMarch 2023 finished!

MonsterMarch, week 2&3

Whoopsie, I skipped a week in the painting challenge. Actually, I only skipped writing this blog post, not the painting to much!. Last week, I got my first layer of paint on the start model. This week, I nearly finished the above model. It only needs highlights, a base, crew (in progress too) and assembly. … Continue reading MonsterMarch, week 2&3

Getting ready for #MonsterMarch23!

Each year, Swordsmaster hosts a painting challenge to paint up a single large monster in a month. This challenge is called "Monster March". Since 2019 (!) I've participated in this challenge, painting a vampire lord on dragon, phoenix, goreblight and knight horde respectively. You can find all about it here. This year, I beat Swordmaster's … Continue reading Getting ready for #MonsterMarch23!

MonsterMarch # 3 building the base

Last week I finished painting all those knights, so this week I started building the actual multibase. The general idea is to build a bridge over a river which the knights are crossing. In that way, I can also justify using them as redemption knights in Order of the Green lady, hence the water theme! … Continue reading MonsterMarch # 3 building the base

mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!

Yearly, Swordmaster hosts a painting challenge, called #MonsterMarch. The idea is to paint a monster (or anything monstrous) in the space of a month. I've been part of MonsterMarch 3 and MonsterMarch 4 doing a dragon and a phoenix respectively. Once again, thanks for hosting this one, mate! This year, the MonsterMarch challenge coincides with … Continue reading mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!