Monster March – finished!

This year's Monster March has been a breeze and the result is quite nice. Using Contrast Paints to paint this girl was super easy. I think I name her "Hilda". Some fluff about Hilda will feature later on this Blog. Keep Posted! In the end, converting the model was hugely rewarding. It even took more … Continue reading Monster March – finished!

Monster March ’21 #2 & Jarvis

Last week, I entered @swordmaster's Monter March '21 painting challenge and I scratch-built my goreblight model. This week I painted the beasty, and it's become lovely orgross, depending on how one looks at it. The result is more than satisfactionary, leaving just the base to be done. I painted the model using contrast paints; it … Continue reading Monster March ’21 #2 & Jarvis

mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!

Yearly, Swordmaster hosts a painting challenge, called #MonsterMarch. The idea is to paint a monster (or anything monstrous) in the space of a month. I've been part of MonsterMarch 3 and MonsterMarch 4 doing a dragon and a phoenix respectively. Once again, thanks for hosting this one, mate! This year, the MonsterMarch challenge coincides with … Continue reading mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!

Holey Moley, it’s Monster March already

Last year, I particpated in Swordsmaster's Monster March. This year, I completely forgot to pledge something! But that can be solved quickly! So here's my pledge for Monster March 20! As I recently completed a general on winged beast (here full post) this was not something I could pledge. Instead, I have an ambitious project … Continue reading Holey Moley, it’s Monster March already

Monster March # 5 – finished!

On the very last day of March, my #MonsterMarch entry was finished. For those who don't know what I've been up to last month, there's several updates here, here, here and here. Here's the overview and swordmaster's startpage too. Pictures above and below. And what a ride it was.... as predicted, there wasn't much hobby … Continue reading Monster March # 5 – finished!