Fleet page – Armada Basileans

Since Armada launched, I painted up my fleet - one ship at a time. Now I recently finished my sky altar and sloop squadrons, the fleet is -for the time being- finished. The fleet consists of two basic sets (I traded my orcs for another set), one abbess ship, a pair of slooq squadrons and … Continue reading Fleet page – Armada Basileans

Hobby and preparing for Clash of Kings

This is just another short hobby update. It's been a month since I posted anything. The Clash of Kings fever is slowly getting higher. For the first time ever, I'll be traveling abroad for gaming. Together with my friend Andr√© and my brother we're going for a long weekend of gaming! We'll be driving underneath … Continue reading Hobby and preparing for Clash of Kings

April hobby update – a bit of this and that

I didn't paint much since I finished # MonsterMarch's horde of knights. The weather is getting better, so I'm getting out more. Furthermore, i have a new job that requires me to commute more than before. Finally, there's little reason to actually paint something since I didn't play all that much. That said, some progress … Continue reading April hobby update – a bit of this and that

MonsterMarch # 3 building the base

Last week I finished painting all those knights, so this week I started building the actual multibase. The general idea is to build a bridge over a river which the knights are crossing. In that way, I can also justify using them as redemption knights in Order of the Green lady, hence the water theme! … Continue reading MonsterMarch # 3 building the base