Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis

Introduction: Recently, I played a Halpi's rift tournament in Deurne - the Netherlands. It was a nice and friendly afair. Lots of great people and over the course of my four games no rules discussions and only friendly and gentle behaviour. A pleasant surprise after my last tournament experience, WHFB more than 15 years ago. … Continue reading Halpi’s rift tourney – list analysis

the battle that was not needed – part 2

Elsewhere on this blog, I posted part 1 of this battle. The report ended with a photo from my opponent's view at the end of turn 2. This picture is showed below again. As you can see, the wolfpacks on the far right (of this picture, far left from my side of the battle) have … Continue reading the battle that was not needed – part 2

Halpi’s rift campaign round 1

This blog post compiles the rules for the first round of the Halpi's rift campaign. Battles in the COVID-lockdown Currently, the Netherlands are still in Lockdown. This means that opportunities to battle are very limited. Some participants have expressed the desire to start, though, finding some way to battle a 1vs1 battle within the visitor … Continue reading Halpi’s rift campaign round 1

mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!

Yearly, Swordmaster hosts a painting challenge, called #MonsterMarch. The idea is to paint a monster (or anything monstrous) in the space of a month. I've been part of MonsterMarch 3 and MonsterMarch 4 doing a dragon and a phoenix respectively. Once again, thanks for hosting this one, mate! This year, the MonsterMarch challenge coincides with … Continue reading mo-mo-mo-moooooonster March!

Shoutout to André, welcome to a new blog!

Shoutout to André for setting up his new blog! Welcome and grats! André is a friend of mine who started Kings of War just before the recent lockdown (talk about unpleasant timing). We played a few battles before a curfew was added to the lockdown and evening battles were -sadly- a thing of the past. … Continue reading Shoutout to André, welcome to a new blog!