Ratkin – horde of shock troops

Kopied from the Mantic website – original content march 2018

What do we have here?

Recentely, I painted up a horde of Shock troops as a gift to my brother. I do collect / play enough armies, but I wanted to paint a horde of ratkin for once.
When he fixed my PC for me, I offered to paint up a horde of ratz for him in return. A deal was struck!

Before starting

He wanted his full horde of shock troops to incorporate a screaming bell. At first I was a bit sceptical as I didn’t think I could fix a screaming bell on a 8cm deep base (the depth of a horde of infantry), but with a bit of cheating (going downhill) I managed to get it to work.
As always, I first painted up the miniatures on separate bases; build the multibase and finally glue everything in place.
This is the end result
The screaming bell can also be removed and used seperately as a monster. (death engine maybe) but I’d advise against using the horde without it.

Close up pictures:

Full pictures:


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