Hilda meets Jarvis

Introduction: for our Halpi's rift campaign, I chose Jarvis as general and selected his army . Recently, I finished painting up a goreblight model, one of the models in the army. Her story should be told! A few months ago..... The bright sunlight painted the landscape in vribrant colours. Sharp shadows contrasted with the bright … Continue reading Hilda meets Jarvis

Introducing Jarvis’ Judgment

Introducing my general for the Halpi's rift campaign - fluff Picture taken from Mantic's webshop Jarvis sat in the tavern, close to the fire. His wet cloak hung over a stool close by and the flames slowly warmed his damp clothing. He was cold and wet, both hands clasped around a cup of warm wine. … Continue reading Introducing Jarvis’ Judgment

Lord Darvled – Mantica’s own populist

Lord Darvled came to power after the victory over the Abyss in the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign in 2017. Here's the official canon description from Clash '18: "throughout the war against the Abyss, the Kingdoms of Men never faltered" shouted Lord Darvled. The cheers from the gathered crowd almost drowned out his speech. … Continue reading Lord Darvled – Mantica’s own populist

Topaz Fluff

This article tells the background story of my multi-nation human army. My army (or actually: both human armies) hail from the island-duchy of Topaz. The idea is to increase this page's contents as my army progresses. The Topaz confederation in constant state of flux. The island of Topaz (often named the Mother-island) is situated on … Continue reading Topaz Fluff