Welcome to my blog!


update fall 2019 Summer's come and gone; it's the time of rain and autumn storms again. That time is usually the time I start painting new projects. Thing is, with KoW3 on the horizon, I'm hesistant to start anything new, so I've been dabbling a little on my gobz. Other than that, both WoW classic … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!


Hobby update – Trollin’ around

I painted up a pair of Trolls recently. My Goblin detachment (it's not really an army, nor will it be anytime soon) urgently needs some unlockers. The best unlockers in the goblin army (without having to paint 30-ish more gobbos) are trolls. Frankly said, I only painted these because I need unlockers. They are reaper … Continue reading Hobby update – Trollin’ around

Gloomhaven Cragheart – hobby update and analysis

We started Gloomhaven recently. (for those who don't know, Gloomhaven doesn't have anything to do with Kings of War, its a cooperative board game with legacy features) I like it a lot. So much that I spent some time painting the character I play, a Savvas Cragheart. see here -> The Gloomhaven models aren't the … Continue reading Gloomhaven Cragheart – hobby update and analysis

Why Elite and Vicious are (almost) the same thing

Elite and vicious are both strong rules, especially if it's an army wide rule. The rule allows for more damage, especially guarding against that single bad dice roll that happens once every time. The rule makes units not only perform better, it increases their reliability. (which is a good thing) Elves (and their evil kin) … Continue reading Why Elite and Vicious are (almost) the same thing