Welcome to my blog!


Welcome to my blog! Here I keep progress of my Kings of War adventures. This blog will cover my hobby endeavours (and gaming adventures) in Kings of War. As for my armies, my first love is my yellow-black human army (as seen here) which has grown to over 10,000 points Kings of War. My other … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Balista efficiency – hobby update

These weeks I painted up three sets of Balistas (and one more to give away). Moreover, I painted enough crew to use two of them in both of my human armies. To do so, I based the balistas without crew and then based the crew seperately. Here's the same three balistas with either three of … Continue reading Balista efficiency – hobby update

Easter hobby update – finishing up stuff.

As I recently finished my #MonsterMarch entry, this weekend was time for tidying stuff up. spoken about #MonsterMarch, here's the final blog post from the challenges' host Swordmaster. I mean, seriously, how do people find time to paint a whole army in a month? Also thanks for Albert to join us. Lovely models there and … Continue reading Easter hobby update – finishing up stuff.

Getting ready for #MonsterMarch23!

Each year, Swordsmaster hosts a painting challenge to paint up a single large monster in a month. This challenge is called "Monster March". Since 2019 (!) I've participated in this challenge, painting a vampire lord on dragon, phoenix, goreblight and knight horde respectively. You can find all about it here. This year, I beat Swordmaster's … Continue reading Getting ready for #MonsterMarch23!