Welcome to my blog!


update oktober 22nd 2019 Kings of War 3rd edition has officially landed. This means that a whole new era of Kings of War has started of today. Aside from plenty of new inspiration and a better army balance, this also means that some 2nd edition observations are no longer valid. This means that some information … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Tutorial – how to build the foot guard multibase

Recently I built this foot guard horde multibase. I was asked to make another multibase tutorial, so I recorded the building of this project. As usual, the multibase is a bit of a diorama. It depicts a road in the landscape, traveled by the unit. The road is lined with banners, to show that it's … Continue reading Tutorial – how to build the foot guard multibase

Hobby update – christmas holidays

The christmas holidays have been productive from a hobby perspective. There's something end-of-yearish that encourages hobby time. Maybe it's the long, dark, nights, but spending the night underneath a daylight painting lamp is oddly pleasant. First of all, I rebased a horde of foot guard. I wanted to show the unit marching over a roman-type … Continue reading Hobby update – christmas holidays