Welcome to my blog!


Update march 2020 Just a few new updates here an there. Enjoying the game and the hobby! Also, time for a new picture heading the blog! Original word of welcome, updated oktober 2019 Welcome to my blog! It's where I keep progress of my Kings of War stuff. This blog will cover my hobby adventures … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Halpi’s rift hobby achievements

Status: This list is still in concept. As soon as enough players are agreed, we can finalise this. We're starting a Halpi's rift campaign as soon as the Lockdown ends. As it is, the end of the lockdown is still (far) away in the Netherlands, so currently we can do little but start preparations. Therefore, … Continue reading Halpi’s rift hobby achievements

Shoutout to André, welcome to a new blog!

Shoutout to André for setting up his new blog! Welcome and grats! André is a friend of mine who started Kings of War just before the recent lockdown (talk about unpleasant timing). We played a few battles before a curfew was added to the lockdown and evening battles were -sadly- a thing of the past. … Continue reading Shoutout to André, welcome to a new blog!