Welcome to my blog!


Welcome to my blog! It's where I keep progress of my Kings of War stuff. This blog will cover my hobby adventures (and gaming adventures) in Kings of War. Sometimes there's other systems and stuff, mainly hobby related. As for my armies, my first love is my yellow-black human army (as seen here) which has … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Review: the new Mantic Rabble sprue

Currently, i'm painting up an army of goblins. Once, I vowed never to paint an ugly Mantic goblin anymore, but that was before the new Mantic goblins were released. In this blog post, I'll review these models. The goblins can be built as either rabble, sharpsticks and archers. A regiment box consists of two sets … Continue reading Review: the new Mantic Rabble sprue

Hobby and preparing for Clash of Kings

This is just another short hobby update. It's been a month since I posted anything. The Clash of Kings fever is slowly getting higher. For the first time ever, I'll be traveling abroad for gaming. Together with my friend Andr√© and my brother we're going for a long weekend of gaming! We'll be driving underneath … Continue reading Hobby and preparing for Clash of Kings