Welcome to my blog!


update oktober 22nd 2019 Kings of War 3rd edition has officially landed. This means that a whole new era of Kings of War has started of today. Aside from plenty of new inspiration and a better army balance, this also means that some 2nd edition observations are no longer valid. This means that some information … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Showcase – zombie trolls

Recently I discovered (after a query on the KoW forum) that the pictures of my zombie trolls weren't very good. Yesterday I had a moment to spare, so I took a few new pictures. This blog post also aims to tell where the miniature parts came from. Anyhow, there's 3 hordes of the Z-trolls which … Continue reading Showcase – zombie trolls

Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed

As 3rd edition has landed; it's conversion time! Not converting units (maybe these too) but firstly converting whole armies. In this blog post I'll convert one of my favourite undead armies to 3rd edition. Process First I'll post one of my favourite Clash'19 2nd ed. undead armies. Then I'll update this army to 3rd edition … Continue reading Updating an undead army from 2nd to 3rd ed