Welcome to my blog!


Update march 2020 Just a few new updates here an there. Enjoying the game and the hobby! Also, time for a new picture heading the blog! Original word of welcome, updated oktober 2019 Welcome to my blog! It's where I keep progress of my Kings of War stuff. This blog will cover my hobby adventures … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!

Warcry review

A few months ago, I tried Warcry. Here's my post where I listed out my preparations: Back then I promised a review of the game. So, after a few months of silence, here's it: First of all, observations I played the game three times, all with my Golden Guards* warband facing off against an ogre … Continue reading Warcry review

Exploring a return to the Brotherhood – start of a journey

the original 2nd edition KoW Brotherhood army The Brotherhood army was a favourite of mine during Kings of War 2nd edition. Since the start of 3rd, I haven't left my Basilean army, so the Brotherhood army was ignored. The reason for that is -frankly- that the first glance of the army in the Uncharted Empires … Continue reading Exploring a return to the Brotherhood – start of a journey