Pondering the 3rd edition Preferred model count

EDIT: Per 31-10-2019 Mantic replied on this subject by the mouth of Matt Gilbert on the Kings of War forum: (...)PMC is not a “rule”. It’s a guideline for aesthetics. PMC says it is something to aim for to maintain the aesthetic of a mass-battle / R&F wargame. It also says that if it’s not … Continue reading Pondering the 3rd edition Preferred model count

Hobby update – holiday painting

I've been on holiday with the family. Two weeks of relaxing with the kids and wife somewhere in the forest, kinda nice. That said, very little painting has been done during that time. After holidays, I managed to finish my reconnoiterers. Here's the four of them. They still need basing, but I'm pretty happy with … Continue reading Hobby update – holiday painting