Summer hobby – Gobz & more

It's been a few months since I posted a hobby update. This blog post shows a few finished projects as I'm quite proud on my results! Goblins First of all, there's a lot of goblins finished since last time I posted, 27 by my count. There's now 44 rabble available for multibasing. (and a few … Continue reading Summer hobby – Gobz & more

MonsterMarch again

Last few years, I joined Swordmaster's MonsterMarch. You can find my contributions elsewhere on this site. I painted up a vampire on undead dragon, phoenix and goreblight respectively. Yearly disclaimer This year, like all years before, time is tight again, as I just started a new job and have to commute more again. Still, that … Continue reading MonsterMarch again

Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

Recently, I posted work-in-progress shots of my new soul reaver infantry regiment alongside my Goreblight model. This unit has been finished, finally. I'm pretty happy how they turned out, especially because I used a slightly different colour scheme (less vibrant) than my other SRI infantry regiment. (here for -> comparison) I do like both, because … Continue reading Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial

Though the lockdown isn't as productive for me as it's for several others, there's some stuff finished. Recently I posted the individual models finished for this regiment, but here's the regiment in its completed form. The first half (as shown above) is just a two-tiered septs with seven models on it. nothing special. The back … Continue reading Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial

Tutorial – how to build the foot guard multibase

Recently I built this foot guard horde multibase. I was asked to make another multibase tutorial, so I recorded the building of this project. As usual, the multibase is a bit of a diorama. It depicts a road in the landscape, traveled by the unit. The road is lined with banners, to show that it's … Continue reading Tutorial – how to build the foot guard multibase

Pondering the 3rd edition Preferred model count

EDIT: Per 31-10-2019 Mantic replied on this subject by the mouth of Matt Gilbert on the Kings of War forum: (...)PMC is not a “rule”. It’s a guideline for aesthetics. PMC says it is something to aim for to maintain the aesthetic of a mass-battle / R&F wargame. It also says that if it’s not … Continue reading Pondering the 3rd edition Preferred model count