Army of Darkness (2)

Shortly after I started my new blog, I also started a new side project, the army of darkness. As I already owned a necromancer and a horde of skeletons, I had to build a 2nd one.

It’s finally finished, see header pic. In this blog post, I’ll post a few WIP posts to show the process in building this regiment.

The miniatures

Most of the minis are ancient GW skeletons that were part of an online auction that I won a few years ago. (I fail to remember where they came from, as I had a buying spree of these things when I restarted Warhammer at the height of 6th edition). Here’s a picture of these guys:

The models came painted to a mid ’90 standard. (i.e. they were painted bleached bone over a black background. I had to give them an ink wash, a few highlights to make them somewhat presentable. Other than that, I repainted their shields to make them fit in with my greenish colour scheme.

Then there are a few other minis to make up PMC (Prefered model count, i.e. 14 per regiment). It’s these guys:

The first two models (caster and sorta-standard) are mantic miniatures I painted for this project, the other 4 are ancient GW models I haggled off a friend of mine. These were repainted completely from the base colours onwards. (Wash&highlight, repainted spears, new shields)

The Necronomicon

No Army of Darkness reproduction is complete without a necronomicon. Firstly, I sought a model with an open book; but the models I found were not to my liking.

So I built one myself with a bit of plasticard and green stuff. The result is on the right, I’m pretty happy with it.

below you can find 3 WIP pictures.


This was the start of the basing process. Just 8 garden stones in a base covered in wall filler with a bit of sand. As I forgot more WIP pictures, I’ll just describe what I did with it.

  • First painted the not-stone parts black-brown (Valejo game colour)
  • Gave the whole base (including the stones) a black ink wash
  • Drybrushed the floor dead flesh
  • Drybrushed the stones dead white
  • Added the models and static grass where needed.

The end result

I’m pretty happy with the final result. Also, I’s very sasitying to finish a project, especially one that’s been cluttering my desk for over three months now.

Now, onwards to finishing those brotherhood multibases!

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