Topaz Fluff

This article tells the background story of my multi-nation human army. My army (or actually: both human armies) hail from the island-duchy of Topaz. The idea is to increase this page’s contents as my army progresses.

The Topaz confederation in constant state of flux.

The island of Topaz (often named the Mother-island) is situated on an island in the infant sea which was once the drowned republic. Legends have it that the original settlers of the island were inhabitants of the republic who sought refuge on a mountain top at the time of the flooding. Since then the inhabitants of the island have prospered in the proud nation of Topaz.

Topaz is a merchant-nation situated on one of the islands in the drowned republic. The city state once consisted of a single island with a town built on it. The town increased to a city and through the years the city has grown until it covers the whole central island from shore to shore.

The city is dependant on its many colonies on the shores of the infant sea to supply it with all its necesities (incuding food) so a popular saying is that Topaz imports everything it needs and exports armies and taxes. This is not entirely true as the craftsmen of Topaz are highly skilled and though all crafting materials have to be imported, the island exports many items of high value.

The collective of the mother island of Topaz and its many colonies is called the Topaz confederation. While there is a mutual dependancy, the confederation is governed from the mother island and the colonies are vasal-states to the mother island.

This dependancy on colonies does come with its own challenges. Rebellions and invasions plague its many colonies. The nation is in a continuous state of conflict balancing its many assets required to keep the mother city fed and supplied. The armies and fleets of the mother island fight on many theatres in order to keep the confederation as it is. Whenever an opportunity for colonisation or expansion arises, the armies of the mother island will not hesistate to take advantage of that situation.

The duchy ot Topaz has a tedency of “liberating cities and towns from their tyrant rulers” (whether they want it or not), so during the years quite a few towns from the League of Rhordia, various human kingdoms and even the Basilean hegemony have joined the Topaz confederation. Some voluntarily and some less so. At other times colonies have been conquered by foreign powers and only when economically viable a war has started for reqonquest. At other times colonies have been sold or traded away, so the state of the confederation is in constant flux.

Only the mother island and its hunger for resources remain ever the same. Only a few colonies have been part of the confederation for generations, so these feel a bit more inseperable from the confederatiuon than others.


As every inhabitant of the many colonies gains citizenship as soon as their hown town joins the confederation; many travel to the mother island after their colony has been conquered. The mother island therefore is a curious melting pot of men from various cultures and religions. The craftsmen quarter and universities even attracts its fair number of halflings and even a few dwarves.

The vast quantity of the inhabitants crowding the streets furfil their duties, living close together as living quarters are expensive and small. Living costs on the island are high as well so having a paid job is mandatory. Those who cannot find one such job are always welcome join the army, the fleet or to emigrate to one of the more dangerous colonies.

The state does run several orphanages where children without parents are raised to be assets to society, be it as part of the army or fleet or as settlers for newly conquered colonies. This is not done for charity, but instead the city’s government recognises the value of early trained and loyal subjects as a recruiting pool instead of street rats.


The governement, ever eager to make use of opportunities, has used the engineering knowledge of the halflings and dwarves to improve the quality of the Topaz vast fleet. The warships of the duchy are among the most advanced that sail the infant sea. Great hulks of oak and canvas, they are armed with bronze cannon cast by halfling and dwarven engineer to pristine quality.

Topaz warship

As the inhabitants of the mother island have been sailors for generations, the combination of highly skilled sailors and powerful warvessels make for well-protected supply lines to the mother city.


(to be filled out later)

Colours of the army

Captain Mercanto of the 23rd Topaz Halberdiers

The state colours of Topaz are yellow (representing their dependancy on grain from the colonies) and black (representing their dependancy on steel and gunpowder from the mother city) quartered. Most regimental banners show these colours without further adornment, although some regiments choose to show their battle honours too.

Some troops add a ribbon or feather to their uniform in another colour to show their support to a leader or a noble house. That said, it’s frowned upon (bordering to treason) to show another colour than green, (the colour of the current duchal house) but theoretically troops and regiments are free to do so.

Several of the older colonies have bought permission to use their own heraldry instead of the Topaz one. The most well-known is the colony of Eybost who has a red-and-white heraldry of its own.

6 thoughts on “Topaz Fluff

  1. To create an own nation for an own army is a great idea! I enjoyed reading this, and it inspired me. You wrote about your Goblin detachment… not sure if you were writing about using it with your Undead or with your KoM army, but if it WERE with the Topaz… then they would probably get the Goblin support because they ship gunpowder to them (Goblins use Gunpowder in Mantica, if you think of the Banggits. But apparently not on regular basis, therefore they probably dont have a steady supply). And on either the main island or close by there is a sulfur mine producing the gunpowder…
    And Topaz probably has friction with at least one of the factions of the Sea Kindred, the Trident Realms and the Salamders. Making it also likely that they might have closer ties with one of those as well in order to support them in their conflicts. Which in turn would make it likely that they have some mercenaries in their navy or exotic commanders. Salamander veteran captains (if those are the close ones), or maybe Trident ship technology? Oh, the possibilities!


    1. Thanks for the reaction!

      Indeed, Topaz has been writen with as many options for conflict and alliances as possible. My army is used as a combination of the various human armies (blog post to be intended for the future) and indeed with as many allies as I can fit in.

      The match with my goblins is one that I didn’t have in mind (as they are intended as support for my undead) but it’s actually a good idea! I’ll just have to paint up a goblin blaster to support this claim of gunpowder!

      Thanks for your reply, it’s posts such as these that keep the inspiration flowing.



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