a new project: Brotherhood

Order of the abyssal hunt. Formerly Averlander Golden Lions

My previous project has been finished now over a week, and there hasn’t been any inspiration yet for a new project. Well, until a few minutes ago.

I know I still have this project running, but I’m not in the mood for painting skeletons right now. I’ll leave this one in the closet for the time being. Maybe later. That’s the advantage of having more than one battle ready army, I can leave projects like this without feeling guilty.


My yellow-black human dudes have been representing Kingdoms of Men, League of Rhordia and Brotherhood depending on my whims. As for Brotherhood, this conversion has never been as good as the other two armies.

The main reason is because I never multi-based my knights other than the abyssal hunt knights above. (unlike most of my infantry) This left my brotherhood armies a mix-n-match of single based empire knights, the abyssal hunt as shown above and a vampire counts varghulf as my forsaken beast. The only miniature I built specifically for Brotherhood was my water Shrine to add to my shield wall in order to become martyrs.

Finally, as my sole light cavalry consists of outriders, these doubled as recoinoiterers.

How I got these outriders is a story in itself….

A long time ago, I had a Warhammer Empire army. Somewhere in 5th or 6th edition, Outriders came out again as plastic kit and were subsequently boosted in their game stats.

My brother (who is something of a Spike, at least back then) swiftly built an army around them and immediately bought 30. (!) Even though GW prices at that time were a lot more reasonable than nowadays, that was a serious investment. I believe the army worked and was even played once or twice. The minis, of course, were assembled, but never painted.

At some point in time, the outriders came to me. I even painted a couple. (see above) That said, there’s still 20 left unpainted.

What to do with these outriders?

With a bit of conversion work, these outriders may easily become reconoiterers. Just give them swordman’s arms and they become lightly armoured non-shielded horsemen, perfect for recon’s. In case I’ll play kingdoms of Men, they can also be perfect mounted sergeants.

Let’s first try out four, for a single troop. If that works, I’ll do a second.

This is how I got them…. a modeller’s nightmare. Just converted them into recon’s.

The goal for this army?

Let’s asume a 1,500 point army for Brotherhood:

  • Regiment of Abyssal hunt (see header)
  • Regiment of Redeption. (maybe new models. Until that time, my Reiksguard from my white-red army can fill this role)
  • 2 troops of recoinnoiterers (see above. until that time, my pistoliers and outriders can proxy)
  • 3 regiments of vilein initiates. I own 17 (not counting the models I want to keep single) single based Empire knights in the right colour scheme. These need to be rebased and I need 4 new models. Let’s see if i have these in my bits box. Probably….. Otherwise, I need to convert a few of those outriders into knights. I think I can do that by switching arms and heads….
  • Forsaken Beast (the varghulf needs to be rebased to match bases with the rest of the army)
  • Mounted exemplar / sword of slashing
  • Mounted adjudant / flute of bane chant

A 1,500 points army consisting of 5 (!) regiments of heavy cavalry, 2 troops of chaff and a single anvil-monster.

First things first…..

Let’s just finish the first regiment of recoinnoiterers. After that, we’ll see. To be continued……

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