The curious case of my goblin detachment (2)

I posted before on my goblins , as they are a 360-point allied detachment to my armies.Last week I finished the detachment:

I really like how they turned out; especially the basing.

As I discussed the creation of my horde of shooters in the previous blog post; I just post the close-up pictures and leave it at it:

The hero, of course, has been shown recently too, but now he’s been based:

Hero, War trombone and sad little dude

I’m really proud of the hero and the war trombone (i.e. wingless dragon), especially the basing. This really shows why I do this hobby.

The sad little lonely dude represents a single hero for that 1,400 point battle where I had to ditch the mount for the hero in order to stay within the 25% allies allotment. Soon he’ll just be glued to the leftmost regiment’s final empty spot as I don’t think I’lll be playing much 1,400 points battles anymore.

Finally: the mincer. I love the fact that it’s on the same basing and that the blueish skin clashes with the green robes. Just too goblin.

Now all’s said and done….

I own a 360-point allied goblin detachment which is only legal when proxying or when playing CoK 18 or earlier. Fortunately the guys around here are not dificult, so I get to use it from time to time. Maybe, in some far flung future, I might be expanding on this army. If my whims take me there.

But for now, I declare this detachment finished. Onwards to new projects!

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