Brotherhood army 1,500 points

On januari 25, 2019, I started a new project, Brotherhood. As you can see above, the 1,500 point army is finished. I’m rather proud of this finished project and I’m going to use it in battles from now on.

The army list below:

  • Regiment order of the Abyssal hunt, healing brew. (225)
  • 3 regiments of vilein initiates (165 each)
  • Regiment of order of redemption (260)
  • 2 troops of vilein reconnoiterers (100 each)
  • Forsaken beast (125)
  • Exemplar, mount, blade of slashing (95)
  • Exemplar adjudant, mount, Lute of bane chant (100)

The characters in the Brotherhood army are really expensive, this is partially aleviated by the cheap vileins. I think the vilein initiates (def 5+, TC2 cavalry for 165 points) make this army possible, as they can project threat, but also act as an anvil. The two regiments of ‘real’ knights are really expensive, yet I feel they are needed to deal the necesary damage. The forsaken beast is great. Def 5+, nerve 15/17 on a 50*50 base. The fact that he’s CS (2) doesn’t stink either and he’s only slightly more expensive than my exemplar.

The models

The last few months’ hobby updates have mostly been Brotherhood models and basing them. I’m really glad with the results, here’s some closeups.

Though part of the army is repurposing of existing models, quite a few new models have been painted as well. That said, there’s two things that might be improved:

  • The reiksguard representing the order of redemption need new models. They don’t match my other models in a bad way. of course, Redemption knights need to stand out, but not by using the wrong colour scheme.
  • The 3rd regiment of initates are multibased on a slotted base, which I don’t particulary like. I’ll have to think of something, or at least repaint the single bases. EDIT: Done. Picture below.

As I’m a bit burned out on painting knights (and painting in general) at this moment, this will have to wait.

Update end of june: rebased slotted multibase. Pretty happy with it.

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