My most effective KoM army

At the end of 2017 I switched over from Kingdoms of Men to League of Rhordia and Brotherhood. This was because I couldn’t get the KoM army work as intended. Mid 2018 I played KoM once again with a reasonable degree of success. (turned 2nd at a small local tournament, only be defeated by a Kin player)

In this Blog post I’d like to share the list, what worked and what didn’t.

First of all: we usually play 1,500 points, as the army below is this number. I really needed an answer for quick flankers / medium heroes on flying mounts which are popular in my meta, so I chose the efreet.

  • Kingdoms of Men:
  • Foot guard horde (2 handed weapons)
  • Shield wall regiment
  • Spear phalanx horde – brew of Strength
  • Pole arms horde (1)
  • Pole arms horde (2)
  • Hero – mounted – blade of slashing
  • Army standard (naked)
  • Wizard (1) – Lightning instead of fireball, amulet of inspiring
  • Wizard (2) – Lightning instead of fireball, bane chant
  • Abyssal Allies:
  • Regiment of tortured souls
  • Troop of gargoyles
  • Efreet

What worked?

  • Abyssal allies. the three abyssal allies were spot-on additions to this army. The efreet worked wonders in guarding the baseline of the army, the gargoyles are the greatest chaff in the world and the tortured souls were light threats / heavy chaff.
  • Multiple hordes with CS. The sheer power of multiple hordes with 25 attacks at CS (1) worked wonders. Combine with a mage with Bane Chant for CS (2) and even soul reavers give pause.
  • cheap characters.
  • This was the first time an infantry army actually sort of worked. Keeping them close to each other and move an-block to the objectives worked sort of.
how many hordes?

What didn’t work out.

  • Four hordes. At 1,500 points, 4 hordes is too much. There isn’t enough space to operate two hordes in tandem, so the hordes came one-after-another. Most games one or more hordes were halted behind other units for most of the game. Two should be enough. The question remains how to get the sheer power of four hordes in a combination of hordes and regiments.
  • a naked army standard. Should have reduced the shield wall to troop so I had 30 points for a bookstick or diadem on the army standard.
  • regiment of shield wall. It’s expensive chaff that usually got in the way due to not being killed. Damage done was also neglible.
  • too little chaff. The regiment of shield wall plus troop of gargoyles was too little chaff, leading to combined alpha charges on my main hordes. They won’t last.
Yep, we were useless.

If I were to rebuild this army in CoK 19

  • Remove shield wall
  • Remove horde of spear phalanx; horde of polearms.
  • total points to respend: 430
  • Add: 3 troops of polearms
  • Add: regiment of berserkers
  • add: troop of militia
  • add: boomstick to army standard.
  • Points respent: 430.

Will I ever play this army? I don’t know. Currently working on Brotherhood projects that I really like and gaming time being quite limited, I don’t see myself playing Kingdoms of Men for the time being. Saddle the horses and smite some evil!

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