Hobby update – holiday painting

I’ve been on holiday with the family. Two weeks of relaxing with the kids and wife somewhere in the forest, kinda nice. That said, very little painting has been done during that time.

After holidays, I managed to finish my reconnoiterers. Here’s the four of them. They still need basing, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Remember how they started out?

Other than that I’ve finally managed to finish the multibasing of my 2nd regiment of knights. With the previous one attached, it’s a horde. I’m kinda proud of the 2-level setup that looks natural due to the inclusion of the rocks on the lower level.

Here’s a few closeups in a gallery:

The progress of the Brotherhood army as of now:

-Regiment of Abyssal Hunt / mace of crushing. (done)
-Regiment of Redemption (still needs doing. placeholder regiment here)
-3 regiments of vilein initiates (all painted.2/3 multibased). I fooled a bit around with the knights before they were multibased, see here.
-2 troops of reconnoiterers (one done; one needs basing, see above)
-Forsaken Beast (done, see here)
-Mounted Exemplar / sword of Slashing (done, he’s in the picture of the 30 knights)
-mounted adjudant / flute of bane chant (done,
he’s in the picture of the 30 knights)

As I’m getting a bit tired of this project, it’s time to put it a bit on the backburner. I really want to finish 2 things before moving on:

a) I want to finish the troop of reconnoiterers above and base them

b) as I don;t want to multibase the 3rd regiment of knights at the moment, I’ll be creating a custom-based movement tray for them. This way I can keep the 7 dudes single based (always very practical if I want to pay 9th age of Vanguard with them) and I might multibase them anyhow in the far future.

The redemtion knights will have to wait. Seems like the reiksguard will be proxing the redemtionists for some more time as I don’t have the inspiration to start painting these now.

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