Why I don’t do battle reports (yet)

I don’t do battle reports. The reasons for this are twofold.

First of all: I do enjoy playing games. I don’t enjoy keeping the records to recreate it afterwards, so doing so will lessen my enjoyment of the game. So I don’t.

Kuddos to those who can. I’m thankful, since I happily read about your exploits.

Secondly, this is a picture from a few years ago that I took in the midst of a battle. It shows my brotherhood army in battle with one of my regular opponents’ dwarves.

What’s wrong with it?

First of all: the playing area is just plain board. I’ll definately need to get one of those battle mats, as this is too ugly to make any pictures of. The terrain is okay-ish, but could definately be improved.

Secondly: my brotherhood army was a mixture of single-based models, proxies (outriders as reconnoiterers) and a few multibased models. It’s getting better now. Of course, my kingdoms of men, undead, abyssal and league armies are much better looking, but that’s not the point.

Thirdly, most of my oponents are starters. Which means that I don’t get to play against a fully painted army that often. And then there’s those who do not paint their models -ever. I don’t care that mucht (since I’m happy for the chance to play the game), but it doesn’t look too good. As for the dwarves in the picture above. They are painted by now.

This is why I don’t do battle reports yet. I might do in the future.


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