Short hobby update – Brotherhood

just finished

Just another short hobby update:

This weekend I finished the reconnoiterer above. He’s part of my brotherhood project mentioned here:

Today I finished the remaining three:


As you can see, they are outriders (or pristoliers, the same GW model) with sword arms. 2 of the pistoliers use state troops’ arms, the other 2 arms from the knights’ sprue.

Word of warning: the knights’ arms don’t fit the outriders well. (the joint on the torso is different) I had to plug the holes with green stuff, but the effect is good enough!


Yes, the models need basing. I don’t know how yet. I do have bad experiences with multibasing cavalry, so I’ll have to to try out several options later on.

First I want to paint some knights. Here’s a pic of the assembled bunch. Turned out that I do own a regiment of knights assembled-but-not painted. Apparrently I got them from an ebay sale I forgot I had. Sometimes it’s good to take inventory.

I had to do a few head / weapon swaps, but all-in pretty content. It’ll take some time for these to get finished as I won’t have much hobby time the upcoming weeks.

In the inventory I also found two old models which turned out to be ancient GW. One will be a lone hero (can’t have enough of these) the other will be part of a knights’ regiment.

Aldenbrand Ludenhof
pre-4th edition inner circle knight

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