The curious case of my goblin detachment (1)

Early 2018, I wanted to do a goblin detachment. The reasoning was threefold:

a) A buddy gave me a goblin battalion to build as he didn’t like the minis. And frankly, he’s right. The early Mantic goblins are abysmal. The stuff I see on the interweb from these days is much better, but the early stuff was very bad. Yet, I have painted more bad minis, in the past so I’d figure to give it a go. 

After I finished my 2017 Abyssal army I did a few projects for mt regular armies, but come fall 2018 I wanted to paint something different.  So, goblins it were.

b) I am intrigued by Bob’s undead armies going though a quagmire. ( so I wanted to try out something like that. I came up with an island theme based on his tutorial.

c) my undead army could use an allied detachment of cheap unit strength and some ranged firepower. (as my undead don’t do that particulary well.) As we usually play 1,500 points, this allied detachment can be up to 375 points.

So I went on to paint:

-horde spitters (140 pts) as unlocks for a hero, war machine and monster.

-war trombone (65) – war machine
-Mincer (80) – monster
-Mounted Biggit (75) (cheap inspire + chaff + bow attacks)
for a total of 360 points.

The first regiment was finished quickly. (see picture at the top of this thread) but after that, things stalled a bit due to family expansion. The picture below was the status for months. (a baby wrecks horror on the available hobby time…. )

Then, finally, months later, I finished the 2nd regiment of spitters.

I’m pretty content with how they turned out. (but not that content with the photo. I blame it on my new painting lamp creating a whole lot of light….) They got the look that I wanted….

All’s good then? No?

Just as I finished, the rumours of the new CoK expansion reared their head. It’s rumoured goblin spitters are turning irreguar . This means they don’t unlock anything anymore; thereby invalidating my allied detachment before it’s even finished….

As I’m waiting for the book to arrive to confirm this rumour, I’m in dubio whether to finish the remaining models. I might, but for what purpose?

After building these 2 regiments, I don’t like the goblin models so much that I’m building a 2nd horde.  I will definately not be going to build a whole army out of them, even though I do have enough minis for a 1,500 point army. I might build the trolls from the batalion box to be able at least to field the goblins. (troll regiment + mounted biggit + horde spitters = 340 points, but I’m not really sure. I’d hate to lose the trombone and mincer and -frankly said- there are better options to spend 340 points.

Fortunately we play in a casual environment

A check with a few mates of mine provided the solution. We do play in a casual environment, so we can -and will- solve this together. 

Probably no one is going to mind me fielding the allied detachment as it was (so ignorming the irregular status of the spitters) or if they do mind, they won’t mind me using the spitters as sharpsticks. 

End good, all good? I guess so. Now, on to finishing those last few minis!


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