Linked blogs

These are the blogs I read on occasion. Expect this list to grow over time as I now have to keep track of this stuff without resorting to the Mantic forums.

None of the pictures in this blogpost are mine (unlike the rest of my blog) as they are all owned by the linked blog owners. If these are yours and you want them removed; just give me an email.

Swordmaster’s excellent battle reports

The Regnum Aeternum; fellow (kingdoms of) men enthousiast for Kings of War:

Pinkymadigan’s great undead army

Bob the Bobish’ plethoria of completed armies:.

The dutch Napoleon’s blog on wargames and occasional wargaming rant.

Hoodling’s hole, full of legendary warhammer battles and the occasional Kings of War battle.

Mug ‘Dice’s grumbling of a fantasy wargamer

Dash 28, a legion of Kings of War
(picture still needed)


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