How to get a 1,500 point army from a army box

EDIT: This post was written under Kings of War 2nd edition rules. Kings of War 3rd edition army composition may be different, thereby invalidating some of the below post’s army composition.

-post copied from the Mantic forum just a day before it goes down-

A friend gave me a goblin army box. It;s  one of the very first Mantic produced and the quality is average at best. These days Mantic does a lot better, but this box isn’t that great, that’s why he didn’t want to build it. There’s even a few old GW archers in there, so even with the poor quality, this was a generous gift!

That said, as I like to experiment with basing, I built a horde of spitters out of this
battalion box.  The models weren’t that great, but enough to finish as least this horde. 


When discussing this on the Mantic website, someone asked if I could build an army out of this box. I’d say you can with a few additional purchases:

Contents of the box

  • 40 Hard Plastic Goblin Spitters
  • 10 Plastic Fleabag Riders
  • 3 Plastic Trolls
  • 1 Plastic Mincer
  • 1 Metal Biggit
  • my box also has 20 sharpsticks in there, as well as the goblin characters from the mega box. Frankly, I got everything from the mega box save the 4th regiment of infantry and the 2nd 3 trolls. 

What to build from it

A good thing to know: if you use the goblins wisely, you can get a great deal from the batallion box. All models are based on the spitters, so you can mix-and-match between the sharpsticks and spitters. (use your bit box for a few hans weapons/spears if you need these)

As I’m always multibasing (thats one of the joys of the hobby for me), I’m using ~15 gobbos for a regiment, so the 60 gobbos I own are 4 regiments or 2 hordes.

I also got a few more GW goblin archers so I can steal a few Mantic goblins for other projects; but if you don’t, you can build one regiment less and still have plenty to use for:

-goblin army standard (easy conversion of a sharpstick from your bits box)
-goblin wizz (spitter + green stuff)
-war trombone (3 spitters + bits box + green stuff.) I intend to use a reaper bones dragon whelp with amputated wings and a collar as war trombone. The wings were needed elswhere for a project 

-goblin war machines. (I intend to buy a few cheap balistas online to combine with a pair of goblin sharpsticks to create a spear thrower or catapult)

The 10 fleabags can easily form into a regiment (7) or 2 troops (4 each) and have room for one scratch-built chariot. The king on chariot is a good choice these days, so I intend to either scratch-build a chariot (using plasticard and artilery wheels) or buy one cheap online. If you do a regiment you can build one biggit or flaggit on wolf too.

3 trolls are a good start, but you’ll probably want a horde. If you multibase well, you can buy a single (or two, as I like to have 5 on a horde multibase) model for a horde.

This means that from a single army box + 10 GW minis + a mutilated monster from my bit box + buying one troll and a few war machines online + a lot of stuff from my bit box I can come up with:

-horde (2 regs) of spitters
-horde (2 regs) of sharpsticks
-horde of trolls
-regiment of fleabags.
-king on chariot
-biggit on wolf
-war trombone
-3 bolt throwers / rock lobbers or combination of both

Adding these in Easyarmy, I come up with 1215 points before upgrades and magical items. Add the giant and you’re up to 1405 points; which you can easily fill you with magical items or an additional unit. I’d take inspiring / bane chant on the wiz; add a troop of mawbeasts and you’re up to 1,500 exactly.

So buy list:

-Army box
-10 goblin minis from ebay (or wherever) Otherwise one additional regiment from mantic
-2 balista and one catapult from any cheap historical site. They need to be run-down versions to match the goblin aestatic anyway.
-2 trolls
-giant (preferably the Mantic one)
-5 maw beasts. (2 packs of will do) As an alternative, find some GW dire wolves on ebay cheap.

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