Hobby updates: goblins are the word!

With the new “red book” in my hards (Clash of Kings 2023 aka Kings of War 3.5) I decided that for 2023, I finally wanted to play my goblins. I started this army in 2018 as an allied detachment to my undead, but the detachment was invalidated before I got to play it.

That said, I built and painted these blueish buggers every now and then over the last five years. I really love the fact that my Gobz are blue instead of green, which makes them very much unique. the fact that the blue colour has changed in these five years, don’t matter at all.

Anyhows, I managed to finish a few goblins since last hobby post:

And furthermore, with all these rabble, I’ve finally enough for my new rabble horde:

I’m content with the results. They fit nice alongside my other goblins and the blueish colour scheme still rocks!

The army still needs quite a few more models, but that’s what I’m gonna do next weeks!

My tally

A reoccuring part of this blog is the where I keep track of my minis waiting for paint, counting my number of newly accrued miniatures compared to those actually finished!

I painted 27 new models:

  • 3 luggits
  • 5 mawpups
  • 19 rabble

My recent trip to Clash of Kings did come with a few additional perks, though! The tournament gift bag consisted of 3 sprues of 10 models (Clansmen, empire of dust and goblins) of which I traded everything for 30 goblins. 6 mawpups are a bonus. The goodie bag also contains one plastic ronnie the bard and I bought a dictator ship from the ventue. Also, my brother got me his spare wingit as he isn’t likely to build a second anytime soon.

So, that’s 39 new models!


  • start +17
  • painted + 27
  • new models -39
  • Total = 7

So, even with the massive invasion of newly accrued goblins, I still have room for new models. That’s great as I need a few more models to finish out my 2,300 point army!


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