Summer hobby update – Goblin expansion

During the summer months, only a bit of hobby work has been done. as there’s a new editon is looming on the horizon, I don’t want to start a new army project. Probably there’ll be a lot of inspiration as soon as 3rd edition hits.

That said, my goblin detachment is in a sorry state as it is now. Due to Clash’19 rules, their only unlocker is now irregular so the army is currently invalid. So, why not do something about this….

The goblin detachment also allows for wonderfull basing/conversion which is really fun to do. That’s why I decided to build a few more units for the gobs, starting with a regular unlocker:

Meet the goblin boarding crew!

It’s a regiment of sharpsticks crowding the walkway to board a ship or another island! Really, a goblin amphibious assault. What could ever go wrong?

While I still don’t like the Mantic miniatures as they are, with a lot of conversion they are actually fun (and fast!) to paint. Other than Mantic spitters and sharpstick bits, the regiment features Citadel goblins, dwarven and skink (spears!) bits.

As with the rest of the army, I really love the green-black water basing. The intention is to upgrade this regiment to a horde at one time, so I fishined the basing. The minis, however, will have to wait until I can set myself to build and paint another 15 dudes.

In the same time, I also painted up a duo of sharpstick throwers.

The little dudes have built a raft-born balista. This probably explains goblin accuracy. 🙂

That said, the rafts were a lot of fun to build, again with bits from Mantic spitters, Citadel skinks, the old stegadon kit and many more.

The rafts were scratch-built using a bit of roundwood and pasticard. Pictures here:

State of the gobs

Under 2nd edition rules, the army is now 510 points. (no items), but under clash ’19 rules, the army is still invalid. (the 2nd sharpstick thrower also cannot be unlocked, even under 2nd ed. vanila rules)

The army is desperately in need of more unlocks.


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