Hobby update – June

Remember the multibase slot that I mentioned I didn’t like? I’ve dedided to at least repaint the bases. Begone with the goblin green base layer!

The above picture is mid-process. I’ve sanded the green bases after which I’ve painted them black-brown basecoat. As soon this layer is dry, I’m gonna paint the green grass so it -at least- matches the rest of my knights.

Other than that, painting is a bit scarce. I’m doing a reaper bones fire giant (sadly no pictures of this stage) which I will present as soon as it’s done.

I managed to finish up my redemption knight sample model. Remember I started out painting the knight on the right. (Rhyme not intended…)

It’s the first time I tried out a non-black basecoat for metal. The below picture is roughly halfway in the process.


The final result is on the left <-

I’m fairly happy with the blue-silver steel colour and the greyish horse.

The yellow ribbons will tie it in the army, but next models will feature the leather brown undercoat for it instead of the goblin green one I tried out.

The model, of course, will have to be based. I’m leaning to a base partially covered in water like my goblin detachment, only with a far brighter blue colour instead of the muddy dark one I used there.

All-in, eventually, this model may be turned into a whole regiment. As for now, I’ve even not started to build it, so it”ll probably be something done in the fall.

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