Hobby updates: Basilean progress and multibase tutorial

Though the lockdown isn’t as productive for me as it’s for several others, there’s some stuff finished. Recently I posted the individual models finished for this regiment, but here’s the regiment in its completed form.

The first half (as shown above) is just a two-tiered septs with seven models on it. nothing special. The back row, however, takes this stairs (pun intended) to the next level:

how it’s built:

I just started building the platforms using some wood and plasticard and added some garden gravel. This platform was then filled up with more stones and sand:

In the end, the whole base was painted Valejo Blackbrown, inked black and then drybrushed cold grey. Finally some static grass finished it. Some more pictures of the completed regiment here:

Another project I’ve been working on is my attack dogs. (stats for gur panthers, a basilean form of cheap cavalry chaff). I’ve used Warlord hunting mastiffs as a base for this model:

The result is more than satisfactionary:

As the 2nd unit of this is still work-in progress, here’s a WIP photo:

The pack master is a perry twins miniature, an infantrymen from the mercenary kit (great kit, but sadly a bit smaller than my GW minis) which I angled the legs slightly to be able to mount it on a dragoon’s horse. (the rider has been pilfered some time ago for my halfling sorcerer)

As you can see on the right, the tunic hides the re-attached legs nicely.

As this part of the army is almost done too, it’s time to look into a new project.

Stormcast ogres

There’s something off about the fantasy space marines of Age of Sigmar. I don’t know if it’s the lack of details on the miniatures or the absurd large size.

That said, they make decent basilean ogres and elohi (the flying ones) if I can get past my initial dislike for the minis. Maybe, its the feeling of Age of Sigmar that followed on the destruction on the Warhammer world that still leaves a bitter aftertase. I’ll test paint one and see if the dislike stays. If so, the minis can be replaced easily.

It’s not that I dislike the Mantic ones. I do dislike the price (€ 40 for 3, or € 80 for a horde) that I won’t be paying that much for a horde.

Here’s my test model to be painted: Vampiress for scale.

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