Hobby update – Soul reavers & balefire

Recently, I posted work-in-progress shots of my new soul reaver infantry regiment alongside my Goreblight model. This unit has been finished, finally.

I’m pretty happy how they turned out, especially because I used a slightly different colour scheme (less vibrant) than my other SRI infantry regiment. (here for -> comparison)

I do like both, because they are very simila, but each subtly different. Both have a vampiress “queening” over them and while the older SRI has a more sophisticated feel with the vibrant colours and throne, the newer one is more feral.

The SRI infantry models consist of Mantic paladin foot guard bodies with ghoul heads, sometimes with a few conversions. The vampiresses are GW vampire models from a few years ago.

Here’s another picture of the SRI, now in my glass cabinet and by daylight.

Other than the Soul reaver infantry, (here a WIP photo) I rebased my old balefire catapult. Not only was it still based on an old 40×40 mm base, the base was still old GW-style goblin green. Now it fully fits in my undead army. The models got another ink wash too.

For the time being, I’m done hobbying

From time to time, I’m done hobbying. This is one such time. With this project finished, I have no new projects lined up as it is now and I’m not intending to do so for a few weeks at least.

I don’t know when I’ll pick the paint brush up again. We’ll see. In the past, this mindset has usually lasted a few months, but it also depends on how much I can actually use the models. Playing the game does help me a lot in picking new projects for gaming purposes.

With the lockdown in the Netherlands finally nearing it’s conclusions, battles will probably be more common in the upcoming months. Hopefully. And that may inspire me to start hobbying again. Hopefully.

Until that time, keep posted for game-related news on this blog!

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