Summer hobby – Gobz & more

It’s been a few months since I posted a hobby update. This blog post shows a few finished projects as I’m quite proud on my results!


First of all, there’s a lot of goblins finished since last time I posted, 27 by my count. There’s now 44 rabble available for multibasing. (and a few other models here and there). That’s why I started out and built my first regiment of these guys:

It’s the first half of a horde, so more (and better) pictures will be posted when the horde is finished. The models are done, so it should not take that much time!

All the goblins (and a few other models) that have been finished recently:

Most goblins are the new mantic goblins, and some (most) have been converted with whatever I have in my bits box. I love the new Mantic goblins as they are crisp new models and they are so easy to convert!

I have a particular love of the gun-wielding goblins shown below:

These consist of Mantic goblins and GW (empire) bits. As you can see, these pieces match pretty well in size.


I retired my human knight army some time ago. Recently, I reread through my blog post to see what I can do to revive this army. Not so much in effect, but how can I regain the “fun” in the army. I’ll do that by switching out some of the “repetition” in the army.

First of al, I wanted more mounted sergeants. Instead of only flying hero-chaff, I want a few troops of these guys. Here’s the first batch.


A got a present from a friend of mine, a GW model that can be used as a centrepiece in quite a few regiments. here’s the result:

All in, it was a fun little project and I’m grateful for the present. I love the result!

I mounted her on a large infantry base supported by ghostly-painted zombies which before were part of my tortured souls.

Until now, I haven’t used the regiment yet, but I’d field it as a wight horde in my undead army or a horde of tortured souls if I ever want to rekindle my swamp things army.

Painting tally

A reoccuring part of this blog is the where I keep track of my pile of shame counting the number of newly accrued miniatures compared to those actually finished!

I finished quite a few new models:

  • 27 new goblins and mawpups (there;s a few doubles in the pics)
  • one nameless vanguard/dungeon saga hero
  • one GW model to act as the centre of my wight unit
  • four mounted sergeants

Totalling 33 painted models!

I only got two new models:

  • the nameless hero. (It’s a 3d print from a group called the fighter’s guild)
  • the GW wight model.


  • start +38
  • painted + 33
  • new models -2
  • Total = +69

This means I have some (plenty!) room to buy new models. The goblins are running out (I have some luggits to paint, but not enough for a full regiment) so I might be buying a few. There’s also the lure of getting more soul reaver infantry.….

But for now, no new models as there’s still new projects in my bits box. Moreover, the horses and the 2nd regiment of goblins still need to be based.

About my armada fleet

A month ago, I dropped my Armada storage box. Fortunately, I found the time to repair the damage, so the fleet is fresh for action again!

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