MonsterMarch again

Last few years, I joined Swordmaster’s MonsterMarch. You can find my contributions elsewhere on this site. I painted up a vampire on undead dragon, phoenix and goreblight respectively.

Yearly disclaimer

This year, like all years before, time is tight again, as I just started a new job and have to commute more again. Still, that isn’t different from other years. The first year I participated in MonsterMarch, my youngest daughter had just been born and last year I faced some health issues, so then time was tight too.

That said, like all years before, I pledge to show my progress, if life doesn’t intervene. Futhermore, I choose a project that I already started, so it should probably be doable.

Contribution of 2022

This year, I pledge a horde of knights. It’s not a monster in the traditional sense, but anyone on the receiving end of one on the battlefield can attest it hits like a truck. 32 attacks@+3 to hit and TC(2) is a sledgehammer, even when hindered or disordered. I use one in the Kingdoms of Men army for 350 points (including pathfinder), the same cost as an average dragon and it works.

I already started painting the models recently, about half of them are finished. My goal for the upcoming month is painting the other half and building the multibase.

As with all my other multibases, I aim for a horde multibase that I can split up (at least into two regiments, but preferably into four troops) while still telling a good story.

Building a multibase for Cavalry is quite a bit harder than building an infantry multibase, this is why: While finishing the last 8 knights, I will think out a multibase layout that is slightly more inspired than my previous one. It’s well done, but I don’t think I want a 2nd one like this!

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