Pondering the 3rd edition Preferred model count


Per 31-10-2019 Mantic replied on this subject by the mouth of Matt Gilbert on the Kings of War forum:

(…)PMC is not a “rule”. It’s a guideline for aesthetics.

PMC says it is something to aim for to maintain the aesthetic of a mass-battle / R&F wargame. It also says that if it’s not practical to do so, then that’s fine. Nobody is expecting anyone to rebase existing armies and if scenery or large models or anything else means that 75% (or more, up to FMC) is not practical, that’s absolutely fine.

The only time this is likely to be an “issue” for anyone is when they want to win best painted army or a trip abroad at an official Mantic event and it’s been stipulated that PMC is in effect. Even then, the “not practical” thing will be taken into account for model size or scenery restrictions because of a theme in the army.

TOs of other events will obviously continue to allow whatever they like.

So there’s no need to panic

/end of edit. -> Continue to the original (though slightly outdated) post

illegal knights?

Kings of War 3rd edition has a new focus on multibasing. Where 2nd edition had a Minimal Model Count (MMC) and a Preferred Model Count (PMC); the 3rd edition dispenses with that disctinction. For hobby purposes, this means a lot.

What’s the change?

In 2nd edition; the PMC for a troop of infantry was 7 models, for a regiment 14. For cavalry this was 4 models for a troop, 7 to a regiment. 2nd edition also had a minimal model count of half +1 model. (So 6 for a troop, 11 for a regiment and 21 for a horde)

Come 3rd, PMC changes to 75% of the full model count.

Granted: The rules also advocate “the rule of cool”; so I don’t think my units will be disallowed for having slightly less than 75% models. Still, I have reservations about this choice.

Why do I feel to post about this?

Most of my units have been multibased using PMC. The knights at the start of this post are 7 to a regiment, 14 to a horde. In KOW3, this is technical illegal since it’s under 75% of PMC. (PMC would be 7,5/10 and 15/20)

The above horde of infantry has the same problem. It’s exactly PMC under 2nd edition (7 to a troop base) and I had trouble fitting the 28th model somewhere underneath the tower. Technically it’s now illegal.

This would mean that I either have to rebase most of my collection (sometimes needing to find OOP miniatures to fill it out) or accept that I won’t adhere to PMC all the time.

I think I’ll do the latter.

That said, I do understand some of it

I understand why MMC/PMC sometimes led to undesirable situations. I too have seen those regiments with only 11 men on a green field. Also, the large infantry hordes of 4 models felt bad.

So, why MMC had to go I completely understand.

Also, Mantic is a miniature company. With a raised PMC, they sell more miniatures. As much as they say it’s not that; it will most likely play some part in the decision to raise PMC/MMC.

The only gripe I have with the decision is that PMC was raised from 70% to 75%. This irks me. Below is why.

From a hobby perspective

Also, from a hobby perspective, I think 70% is better than 75%. Let’s illustrate this by building a troop. (75% = 80% btw, since troops don’t include half miniatures)

The picture on the right includes both a 100×40 mm base (standard troop base) and a single troop model.

The 8-model troop would more or less look like this:

There’s very little variation possible as the models can be spread out a little; but otherwise actually doing something with the space is hard.

With 7 models on a base, the room can be used so much more creatively:

Suddenly, there’s the possibility of a wedge and/or phalanx (1 and 2nd picture), the option to include terrain (3rd option) or the gunner’s or pikemen formation of alternating models one by one.

I strongly advocate 7 models over 8 on a troop base. This means that a PMC of 75% is usually not practical.

To show it in real models:

This is 75% PMC. (31 models out of 40) Aside from the command model on the far right, it’s just a 4X2 formation. Perfect for this unit, not on others.

Now, If one allows oneself just a little more space, you’ll get a 70% model count and this leads to the following units:

Needless to say what I prefer. I guess I’ll advocate the rule of cool slightly more often now. 7/10 is -for me- the way to go.

On calvalry

And that’s only the infantry. For calvalry, the same applies. See my post on multibasing cavalry: https://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2019/01/31/multibasing-cavalry/

Summary: I wouldn’t multibase my calvalry on 2×4 unless I plan to use them as troops most of the time.

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