# Monster March '20 Finished

Achivement unlocked! For the 2nd time in a row, I managed to beat the # Monster March challenge! The Phoenix is finished in all her resplendant glory! While not my best paint per-sé, (some of the blend lines are a bit shabby), I really take the bright red-over-yellow colour scheme and she looks magnificent. The … Continue reading # Monster March '20 Finished

“We’ve got rats…..”

This is a story of an escalation league where my humans face the Ratkin run by a friend of mine. Neither of us have much experience in Kings of War 3rd edition (though we played each other quite a few times in 2nd) The rules gonna be simple: We start at a "kill' scenario of … Continue reading “We’ve got rats…..”

Hobby update – christmas holidays

The christmas holidays have been productive from a hobby perspective. There's something end-of-yearish that encourages hobby time. Maybe it's the long, dark, nights, but spending the night underneath a daylight painting lamp is oddly pleasant. First of all, I rebased a horde of foot guard. I wanted to show the unit marching over a roman-type … Continue reading Hobby update – christmas holidays

Building on a budget – Brotherhood

EDIT: This post was written under Kings of War 2nd edition rules. Kings of War 3rd edition army composition may be different, thereby invalidating some of the below post's army composition. Mantica needs stalwart men who face off against the evil that stalks the land. The brotherhood needs reinforcements, and you'll be the one to … Continue reading Building on a budget – Brotherhood