Monster March #4 – finished

Once again, I managed to achieve my Monster March goal! It’s the 4th in a row!

I am rather proud of the final result. The knights trot over a bridge, ready to charge the enemy! This blog post shows the final activities and shows the horde in many pictures.

First of all, I covered the white plastic with PVA glue and sand. After this I painted it sand brown and finished it with a brown ink wash.

The chestnut brown colour complements with the yellow accents and contrasts with the blue. I’m pretty content with the result.

As the bridge is finished, I spent some time building the water area. It’s layered paint and ink alternated with varnish.

The final result is just glueing the bridge on top of the water area. The horde can be split up into four troops if desired (see below)

More pictures in the gallery at the bottom of this blog post.

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