Hobby and preparing for Clash of Kings

This is just another short hobby update. It’s been a month since I posted anything.

The Clash of Kings fever is slowly getting higher. For the first time ever, I’ll be traveling abroad for gaming. Together with my friend André and my brother we’re going for a long weekend of gaming! We’ll be driving underneath the channel into England.

I’ve entered my list and have long since completed all necesary models, so there’s (fortunately) no hurry to finish anything. I’ll be taking a familiar list (slightly tweaked) into Clash, hoping that I’ll not be embarsing myself!

Keep posted here for the tournament result and my view on my army.

Hobby for the month

Last month I painted, among others, four mounted sergeants. This month, I finished another four and built a regiment out of them. Here is the finished regiment:

I love the finished result and I do love the fact that I have two regiments (or four troops) to field whenever I like.

Another project I just finished is the Armada Basilean Sky altar. The fleet is getting larger and I will do a fleet photoshoot one of these days! First, I’ll finish these sloop squadrons to round them all out!

Edit: I painted up two more ship squadrons. Instead of creating a new blog post a couple of days after the former, I just added them here!

The bookkeeping

A reoccuring part of this blog is the where I keep track of my pile of shame counting the number of newly accrued miniatures compared to those actually finished!

I painted five (edit: nine) new models and got no new models.


  • start +8
  • painted + 9
  • new models -0
  • Total = +17

It’s a bit of an unlucky number, but that will be remedied soon enough when I finish those armada fleet squadrons. I also *might* have another 20+ goblins assembled and primed, ready to paint! But that’s a story for another month!

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