January hobby update – knights

Almost a month ago, I posted my current projects – a regiment of knights. By now, these are finished:

Other pictures at the end of this blog post.

I really dig the yellow on steel-with blue ink, a distinctly different colour scheme which does tie in with my army by use of the yellow.

As you can see, these have not yet been based. I decided I want a horde instead of a regiment. This means I need seven more models.

Raiding my bits box, I managed to scramble together enough models to do so. As you can see, there’s a lot of various bits and pieces here and even an already-painted knight that once was the 2nd rider for the pegasus I traded away. As all things come round, this knight has found a new horse and it saves me one model to paint!

Other projects:

As we played armada recently, I decided to upgrade my fleet with antother Bom Brig. Here she’s painted. A Gur Panther ship might be the next.

Finally, I completed the Screaming Skull catapult that I recently acquired. My undead army has two now and this is enough for the armies I want:

Painting tally

as usual, I keep track of my pile of shame counting the number of newly accrued miniatures compared to those actually finished!

I finished eight new models: four knights, three catapult models and a bomb brig ship. I did not buy or acquire new models, so there’s no new models.

Also, I might have lost a model. I started painting an Armada Basilean Sky altar, but the model has disappeared from my painting tray. Maybe the model will surface one of these days, so I’m not writing it off yet.

  • start +8
  • painted + 8
  • Total = +16!

I am aiming for 21 (or more) models room before I will make my next purchase, so I’ll have to finish those knights!

Gallery: finished knights

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