Joining Basilea?

It’s not a secret that my human army has been used for -at least- four factions during 2nd edition. (I never did Varangur, I think) Now 3rd is starting to get rolling, I want to focus (for modelling and gaming, but also for fluff) on one army list at first.

While the Kingdoms of Men ánd League of Rhordia preview looks *very* promissing, the book containing the army list will not arrive until mid december. The Basilean list, however, is present already.

While I had no love for the angels-and-dragons alpha strike lists during 2nd edition (especially in Clash’19) , 3rd edition shows an altogether different beast.

The counter charge podcast that discusses Basilea mentions a infantry-heavy grindy being an disctinct possibility. As my humans have plenty of infantry, this might even be a thing….

First, this kind of list heavily features paladin foot regiments. As it happens, I own 30-ish greatswords (some even multibased) which makes great foot paladins.

Furthermore, the basilean army list also features “common” human infantry with iron resolve and the option to increase their nerve by buying “veteran officers”. As this upgrade has nice synergy with the iron resolve and healing capacities of the basilean army, this might actually work.

All armies need some form of quick support. I’m not sure if I want the paladin knights (very expensive and only TC) but the fast cavalry option appeals a lot more.

Instead of riding panthers (who would do that, in their right mind?) my fast cavalry would use the recoinnoiterer models I built for my brotherhood army. I own two troops (or one regiment, maybe I should build a few more)

Of course, the army would need some kind of support, and the phoenix (flying board control with radiance of life and healing) decently gives that. It’s a huge model (That’s a 75x75mm base) that makes a great centre piece of this army, especially if painted in black and yellow colours instead of red and yellow. (Picture to the left is taken from Mantic’s blog. I really need to order one for myself. )

I’m ignoring the obligatory war mages with bane chant, individuals on steeds and inspiration-sources for this blog post. Of course these are needed, but my collection contains enough of these guys to choose from, and if not, I’ll build one from my bits box.

The guys at counter charge also mention the absolute need to include palace guard ogres. Though I do like the models, I don’t like their price tag (€ 80 for a horde). I’ll use my old dogs of War ogres as a single horde unless I’m changing my army to main basilea and really want these shiny Mantic dudes.

Furthermore, the army could do with some chaff, gur panthers, for instance, or alternatively troops of men-at-arms. I need to playtest a few times to see which works best; if it’s panthers, I need something to present them.

Finally, the army needs some ranged support, as this will help in the chaff war. I do own quite a few crossbows, though I don’t like the pot shot! rule and the price tag. I might switch over to heavy arbalests instead (cheaper and smaller base size too) for which I will use my Kingdoms of Men balista or guns instead.

That said, I only need two troops of chaff which use the stats of “gur panthers”. As the Mantic models aren’t available outside of Vanguard and the mega army, I’ll have to look for other models. To keep in theme with my army, I’d choose some kind of war dogs.

My first army list would look something like:

picture courtesy of

This is something I can work with. Aside of multibasing the paladin foot (and I might need to paint up a few more) I only need the models for the phoenix (a model I wanted anyhow) and 8-ish war dog like models.

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