Hobby update – Horde of sharpsticks

Today little tekst, just some pictures of my most recent hobby exploits!

I finally finished my 2nd regiment of sharpsticks! Here’s the guys. In the background is the orignal regiment, they combine into a horde, as pictured below.

I’m really happy this one is finished. In order to finish the 1,000 point army I just need to paint up 3 trolls, rebase a giant and paint up a single wiz.

This should be doable, but as I’m a bit done with goblins at this moment, this might be sometime later. (probably if I can get someone to play a 1,000 or 1,200 point battle in which to use them)

The new Kingsdoms of Men preview looks promising; the league of Rhordia even more so. There’s also the alternative to rebuild my yellow-black human army to use the Basilean rules. This means that I will probably be working on my first love -humans- again in the future.

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