Gobz in 3rd ed – near 1,000 points

There’s this point in hobying when a detachment is suddenly almost an army. As I grind through painting the models for the 2nd part of my sharpstick horde, I see that a fully operational 1,000 point army is almost on the horizon!

As I posted on my available models before: here’s the 1,000 army under 3rd edition:

army list:

  • Rabble horde (unlocks one character, titan, war machine and 2 troops)
  • Troll horde. (unlocks remaining character, one unlock not used). 5 point magial item.
  • spitter regiment (irregular)
  • Mincer mob regiment (irregular)
  • War Trombone (War machine)
  • Biggit – bow
  • Wiz – naked
  • Giant (titan)

1,000 points on the spot.

Though I would have loved to mount my biggit and give -at least- bane chant and inspiring to the wiz, the point cost means losing the 3rd mincer. I don’t think I want to do that.

This army is fairly close to completion. In order to complete this, I need to:

a) Finish the rabble horde. (11/15 minis painted, base painted, some assembly required)

b) finish the trolls. (2/5 minis painted). Need to be based.

c) Rebase the giant to 75*75. It’s still on the 50×50.

d) paint up a wiz. (I do have one of the Mantic characters – somewhere)

As this is doable within a few weeks’ worth of painting, it’s suddenly rather close on the horizon. Will I do so? No idea, as there’s so many other 3rd edition goodies to paint up. But good to know that an actual army is so close!

After these 1,000 points

I could easily upgrade this army to 1,200 points by adding models that I already have. The biggit should be mounted or upgraded to a king with the headstrong aura. Then one of the sharpstick throwers can be added and the 2nd regiment of spitters can be included. Finally, the wiz should be upgraded with bane chant and inspiring.

This easily totals 1,200 points.

After this, going further will be harder as I need new unlocks. This means painting up more infantry, trolls or my fleabags. I did an army list of 2,000 points recently; but forgot the mincer mob, so I changed it to the army list to the right.

It’s still in progress and I doubt I will finish this list anytime soon; painting up a 2nd horde of rabble and 2 gangs of luggits is not something I look forward to.

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