Various hobby updates

I have been lax in posting a few weeks, but this is mainly due to a busy schedule at work and in private life. There’s been some hobby progress, so I thought it prudent to post it here:

Recently I started out with two projects:

  1. another regiment of greatwords/basilean foot guard.
  2. a regiment of soul reaver infantry. This one has been finished recently. a few more pictures at the bottom of this post.

This means I am free to continue the foot guard project. Here’s a few pictures of the remaining few models. As I finished the other models earlier, my 15 models are now complete.

The next project is multibasing these guys. Also, I have been searching for alternatives for basilean gur panthers for quite some time now. The Mantic originals aren’t available for anything outside of Vanguard, so I need a replacement. Furthermore, my light cavalry (replacement for sisterhood panther riders) don’t ride panthers either, so I felt free to choose a more historical model.

though they still need basing: these are my warhound pack. The pack includes a packmaster built from a perry dragoon combined with their mercenary kit. The idea is to build two troops, one of the packmaster and four dogs, the other of six dogs.

With this, my basilean army is nearly completed.

Backlog pictures: soul reavers

As promised earlier: here’s more daylight pictures of the soul reaver infantry.

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