A ‘Giant’ hobby update

Yes, it’s a bad pun. Enjoy.

This week I finished a Giant. He’s both useful for Kings of War (ever since the Kingdoms of Men list includes giants) and for DnD (where we are playing Stormking’s thunder right now) so he fills two roles.

I wasn’t particulary impressed with the Reaper Bones minature when it arived as it had a bit less detail than I’d liked. This is a normal thing for reaper bones minatures as they need additions from other lines (such as the rider on this dragon) to make it stand out. On top of that, the model leaned over a bit too much. If I look at the webshop, I’d say that to be a miscast which I couldn’t rectify using hot water. I solved it by creating a sloped base.

The final result, however, isn;t that bad. The low details make for easy painting and the striking colour scheme help a lot. Here’s a picture of him plus a knight for size.

and a shot form another angle.

Furthermore, I finished the rebasing of my Cavalry, as promised last week. Here’s the result, I’m pretty happy with it.


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